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Faroe Islands vs Czech Republic: Football Prediction & Betting Tips. Europe – Euro

On the 17th of June, 2023, the football world will be eagerly watching as the Czech Republic, currently leading the pack, takes on the Faroe Islands, a team showing signs of improvement. This Group E fixture of the Euro 2024 qualifiers will be held at the Tórsvøllur stadium, a battleground that has seen the Faroe Islands secure their last two victories.

The Road So Far

The Faroe Islands kicked off their qualification campaign with a 1-1 draw against Moldova, followed by a 1-0 friendly loss to North Macedonia. Despite these results, they remain undefeated in their last four matches, with two draws and two losses. The Faroe Islands have shown they are no longer easy targets for top teams, and another victory on home soil would be a historic event. They have never won three matches consecutively, and achieving this against the Czech Republic will be a daunting task.

The Czech Republic, on the other hand, began their qualification journey with a 3-1 triumph over Poland, but were held to a goalless draw on matchday two. This has resulted in two wins and a draw from their four matches, providing them with a momentum boost. The Czechs have a proud history of qualifying for every Euro competition since becoming an independent nation in 1993. They have won six of their last nine Euro qualifiers, losing only two, showcasing their strong pedigree in the qualification competition.

The Betting Odds

The betting odds for the Faroe Islands vs Czech Republic match are in favor of the Czech Republic. The Czechs have a strong record against the Faroe Islands, having won all five previous encounters without conceding a goal. The Faroe Islands, despite their recent improvements, have lost each of their five head-to-head matches without scoring.

The Prediction

The Faroe Islands are on the brink of making history, with the possibility of winning three consecutive home matches for the first time ever. However, their record against the Czech Republic suggests this will be a challenging feat. The Czech Republic, having made a strong start to the campaign, will view this match as a must-win.

Given the historical data and current form of both teams, our prediction for the Faroe Islands vs Czech Republic match is a win for the Czech Republic to nil. This prediction is based on a thorough analysis of the teams’ performance, and while it provides a solid basis for betting tips, it should be used as a guide rather than a guarantee of the outcome.


In conclusion, the upcoming match between the Faroe Islands and the Czech Republic promises to be an exciting one. The Faroe Islands are looking to make history, while the Czech Republic is determined to maintain their winning streak. As a sports enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss this match. If you’re interested in betting, consider our prediction and make an informed decision.

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