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Marseille vs Angers: Football Prediction & Betting Tips. France – Ligue 1

In the fascinating world of Ligue 1, the stakes are high, especially for Marseille. With a coveted top-two spot in sight, they’ll be looking to seize the day as they square off against the unfortunate Angers, who have already been relegated. Marseille, currently the third horse in the race, is lagging by a mere two points behind Lens, the second-placed steed. In contrast, Angers finds themselves languishing at the rock bottom of the standings, accumulating only 14 points.

The Aftermath of the Clash with Lens

Marseille’s previous duel with Lens ended in a 2-1 defeat, a significant blow that pushed them off track in their quest for the top-two. The grandeur of the Champions League group stage awaits the top two, while the third-place finisher will be relegated to the qualifying rounds. This loss to Lens not only dampened their hopes of title glory, but it also cemented PSG’s lead, now towering at eight points.

Marseille’s Pursuit of Redemption

However, amidst the turmoil, Marseille is not one to bow out without a fight. Four games remain, and they are determined to claw their way back, especially with the fourth spot lurking only six points behind. The resilience of the Marseille team is evident in the fact that they haven’t tasted consecutive league defeats since an unfortunate streak in October. Therefore, they’ll be stepping onto the field brimming with confidence and a thirst for victory. Their home turf has been a fortress lately, remaining unbeaten in the last four games, with the recent two ending in victories. An intriguing pattern has emerged, as both teams have managed to find the net in each of these four home fixtures.

Angers’ Struggle for Pride

Contrastingly, Angers have been grappling with their fate. Already relegated, they’ve stumbled through 26 losses in 34 league games this season, including nine in the last 11 Ligue 1 matches. While their remaining four matches offer a chance at redemption, the task is undoubtedly Herculean. Despite a string of five successive away league losses, a common thread in Angers’ matches is the fact that both teams have consistently found the back of the net.

Key Points to Consider

As we delve into the statistical depths, some intriguing facts surface. In four of the last five Ligue 1 face-offs between these teams at this venue, both sides found the net. Marseille, despite their recent setbacks, have come out victorious in three of their last four Ligue 1 matches, with both teams scoring in all four. Of the last nine home Ligue 1 matches that Marseille played, eight saw both teams score. Meanwhile, Angers have been on the losing end in nine of their last 11 Ligue 1 matches, with both teams scoring in six of those. Their away game history is particularly grim, with the last five ending in defeat, but three of those saw goals from both sides.


The upcoming clash between Marseille and Angers promises an intriguing spectacle. With every point counting, the prediction leans towards Marseille, who will be desperate to reclaim their place in the top two. However, the certainty of both teams scoring, based on historical data, provides an interesting betting tip for enthusiasts. Take this chance to place your bet on the winner and score with our top-rated bookmakers for sports betting. Check out the best bookmakers for sports betting. Remember, in football, anything can happen, so place your bets wisely!

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