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Napoli vs Inter Milan: Football Prediction & Betting Tips. Italy – Serie A

The upcoming Serie A match between Napoli and Inter Milan this Sunday promises to be a captivating encounter filled with excitement and anticipation. With Inter sitting in third place, just one point ahead of their fourth-placed competitors, the pressure to secure victory is undoubtedly on. Meanwhile, Napoli, having already secured the league title, enter the game without the burden of expectations. Interestingly, their lack of pressure was evident in their recent match against Monza, where they suffered a 2-0 defeat, marking their fourth loss of the season. Although Napoli’s performance has dipped in their last few outings, their commanding lead in the standings remains unassailable. However, the league leaders must strive to regain their winning momentum as they enter this critical fixture.

Napoli’s Recent Struggles and Lack of Goals

Napoli’s once-potent attack has shown signs of faltering in recent matches, with only one victory in their last four games and three wins in their previous ten outings. Despite still maintaining their status as the league’s leading scorers, Napoli’s goal-scoring prowess has diminished in recent times. In fact, they have managed to score more than one goal in just a solitary match out of their last ten fixtures. Additionally, their games have consistently featured under 2.5 goals, with their last eight matches falling below this threshold. Furthermore, they have failed to find the back of the net in four out of their previous ten games. Their home form reflects their struggles, with just one win in five matches, including a devastating 4-0 defeat to Milan.

Inter Milan’s Steadfast Response to Pressure

In stark contrast to Napoli, Inter Milan has thrived under pressure in their recent performances, culminating in an impressive eight-match winning streak leading up to this fixture. Moreover, they remain unbeaten in their last nine games, illustrating their unyielding determination and formidability. Their confidence has been further bolstered by their recent qualification for the Champions League final and their imminent participation in the Coppa Italia final. As they navigate through this crucial period, Inter Milan’s lineup for this match will undoubtedly be of great interest, given the weight of two impending finals. In Serie A, their primary objective is to secure a top-four finish and prevent their rivals, Milan, from closing the gap. To solidify their position, Inter needs to accumulate five points from their remaining three matches, a challenge that appears within their reach. However, they are determined to approach this task with the tenacity and ruthlessness of a team aspiring for European glory. Remarkably, Inter has kept four clean sheets in their last five matches and has scored two or more goals in four out of five games. Additionally, their defensive prowess on the road is commendable, having not conceded a single goal in their last five away fixtures and remaining undefeated in their previous eight matches.

Key Points for Napoli – Inter Milan Clash

  • Inter Milan enters the match with an impressive run of eight consecutive victories.
  • Napoli has only managed one win in their previous five home matches.
  • Inter Milan has maintained a clean sheet in their last five away games.
  • Napoli has failed to score in four out of their last ten matches.
  • Napoli has scored more than one goal in just one of their previous ten games.


In conclusion, this highly anticipated clash between Napoli and Inter Milan promises to be an enthralling spectacle, as the pressure mounts on the visiting team to secure a vital victory. Napoli, although already crowned champions, must strive to regain their winning form and overcome their recent goal-scoring struggles. On the other hand, Inter Milan’s impressive winning streak and steadfast defense make them formidable contenders. As the race for a top-four finish intensifies, both teams have a lot at stake, which guarantees an exhilarating match for fans and bettors alike.

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