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    12 June 2023

    AC Milan mourns the passing of Silvio Berlusconi, their legendary owner who has left an unforgettable legacy at 86

    “Unforgettable” AC Milan Owner Silvio Berlusconi Passes Away

    European football fans are mourning the loss of one of its most successful club owners, Silvio Berlusconi. The former Italian Prime Minister passed away on Monday at the age of 86, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be remembered by soccer enthusiasts.

    The Story Behind AC Milan’s Success Under Berlusconi’s Leadership

    Berlusconi bought his hometown team in 1986 when it was struggling and transformed it into one of football’s greatest teams. During his leadership, AC Milan won five European Cups and eight Italian league titles.

    In a tweet posted on their official account after his death, AC Milan expressed deep sadness at the loss of the “unforgettable” leader who played an integral role in shaping their history. They also extended condolences to his family members and friends:

    “Deeply saddened, AC Milan grieves the passing of unforgettable Silvio Berlusconi and wishes to reach out to the family, associates, and most cherished friends to share our sympathies.”

    Berlusconi’s Return To Football With Monza FC

    After selling off AC Millan for €740m (£628m) in 2017 following years of financial struggles with debt issues plaguing them since their last major title win back in May 2011,”Berlu is now back!” exclaimed excited supporters as they watched him buy third division side Monza FC in 2018. Along with former Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani, Berlusconi guided the club to their first ever promotion to Serie A after 110 years of existence.

    The news sparked an outpouring of emotion from fans as well as players who had worked under his leadership during their successful times at AC Milan. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, for example, lifted his first league title with the Rossoneri back in 1988 and later went on to manage them from 2001-2009; he took to Twitter following Berlusconi’s death:

    “Today’s sadness doesn’t erase the happy moments spent together. There remains infinite gratitude to the President but above all else a loyal, intelligent and sincere man.”

    Inter Milan Pays Tribute To Their Rival Club Owner

    Berlusconi was not just a leader for AC Milan but also an important figure within Italian football overall. Inter Milan – one of their most bitter rivals – released a statement saying that he has left “an indelible mark on the history” of Italy’s game.

    Berlusconi was no stranger to controversy throughout his life though; prosecutors in his native city of Milan often accused him of victimization over many instances including embezzlement charges and tax fraud allegations among others.

    Final Thoughts

    Silvio Berlusconi will always be remembered by football lovers worldwide for transforming AC Millan into one of Europe’s top teams while also making significant contributions towards Italian soccer in general through investments like Monza FC which helped bring new talent onto its pitch again after years without success due mainly because too much debt had accumulated since they last won any major titles back in May 2011; Berlusconi’s achievements will forever remain in the memories of all who’ve been touched by his legacy.

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