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    05 June 2023

    Ajaccio Football Club expresses strong disapproval of the assault on a young boy with brain cancer during their match against Marseille.

    Ajaccio Football Club expresses strong disapproval of the assault on a young boy with brain cancer during their match against Marseille.Ajaccio Condemns Deplorable Incident at Ligue 1 Match

    A French boy, Kenzo, who has been battling brain cancer was invited to meet the Marseille players in their Ligue 1 match against Ajaccio. The game ended with a shameful incident that left the young lad and his family traumatized.

    The Unfortunate Incident

    Kenzo, who is an ardent supporter of Marseille FC, was wearing the team’s jersey when he went to watch the match as a guest of Air Corsica. However, things turned sour for him and his family after they were jostled and abused by some fans while seated in their box.

    According to Kenzo’s mother as reported by local newspaper Corse Matin,

    “His father was attacked and Kenzo’s head hit a railing while his shirt was ripped off and burnt. They spat on our food.”

    This dehumanizing treatment from spectators towards guests is unacceptable behavior that should be condemned by all football enthusiasts.

    The Club Reaction

    In response to this despicable act from their supporters, AC Ajaccio issued a strong-worded statement condemning these unspeakable acts:

    “These individuals in no way represent the values ​​of our club and our island…The club strongly condemns these unspeakable acts…AC Ajaccio will shed light on these shameful actions.”

    It is reassuring to see the club’s stance on this matter, and it is hoped that they will identify those responsible for their barbaric actions.

    Journalist Attack

    The deplorable actions of some fans were not limited to Kenzo and his family alone. A journalist from France 3 TV was attacked by Marseille supporters at a filling station near the stadium after the match ended, leaving him with serious injuries requiring hospital treatment.

    This violent behaviour against journalists covering football matches needs to be curbed immediately before someone dies or suffers permanent injury due to these senseless acts.


    Football should bring people together rather than tear them apart. Incidents like this only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes about football fans being rowdy and violent.

    All stakeholders in football must work together towards ensuring that such incidents do not occur again in future matches. Violence has no place in sports; let us all support our teams without causing harm or distressing others.

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