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    15 November 2023

    Alfa Romeo Embraces Chaos of Las Vegas GP to Keep Pace with “Overwhelmingly Fast” AlphaTauri

    Alfa Romeo’s Battle for Eighth in the Constructors’ Championship

    As the race for supremacy heats up in the constructors’ championship of Formula One, Alfa Romeo finds itself embroiled in a fierce battle to secure eighth place amidst struggles to match its midfield rivals. In their quest to gain an edge over their competitors during the development race of the current season, Alfa Romeo introduced several upgrades at recent races such as Singapore and Qatar; however, it was AlphaTauri who made significant strides forward.

    The Faenza-based team managed to accumulate an impressive haul of sixteen points across three consecutive race weekends, closing down on Alfa Romeo with a mere five-point gap separating them. The upcoming race on the demanding streets of Las Vegas presents an opportune moment for Alfa Romeo to launch a counterattack. The unique combination of low temperatures and newly laid tarmac with minimal grip promises to shake up the established order, potentially favoring teams that adapt well.

    Alfa Romeo is hopeful that this weekend’s race will pose an immense challenge for all participants, allowing their drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu to capitalize on the uncertainty. Xevi Pujolar, the team’s engineering director, expressed his anticipation for tackling the unknown characteristics of the Las Vegas circuit:

    “We are facing numerous question marks regarding this track. Given our current circumstances, we require a substantial challenge from both an engineering standpoint and from our drivers in order to seize any opportunity to rearrange the championship standings.”

    Pujolar further emphasizes that increased difficulty and unpredictability provide them with a greater chance of success:

    “The heightened level of difficulty at Las Vegas represents our best shot at turning things around. We need this weekend to be incredibly demanding for everyone involved so that we can harness it as our advantage. This is our ultimate test.”

    Aware of their trailing position behind Williams who currently sits in seventh place with twelve points ahead, Pujolar acknowledges AlphaTauri’s exceptional pace demonstrated during recent races:

    “While we may still endeavor to compete against Williams and Haas, AlphaTauri has proven themselves too fast at present. If circumstances remain straightforward without any unexpected twists or turns, it will prove exceedingly difficult for us not only to reclaim eighth position but even consider contending for seventh; it has grown increasingly complex.”

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