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    02 November 2023

    Alonso cautions about potential “repercussions” regarding baseless Formula 1 speculations

    Fernando Alonso Dismisses Retirement Rumors

    Social Media Buzz Creates Unsettling Atmosphere for Alonso

    In recent days, social media platforms have been buzzing with stories surrounding the future of Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso. Speculations about a potential move to Red Bull or even retirement have taken center stage. This frenzy was ignited by Spanish TV journalist Albert Fabrega’s cryptic tweet hinting at a major development in the paddock.

    While Fabrega did not disclose any specific details about the rumor, it sparked wild speculation that Alonso could be part of a significant shake-up in the driver market. However, it has been firmly denied that the double world champion will be racing anywhere besides Aston Martin next year.

    Prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix, Alonso made it clear that he was unimpressed with these rumors and viewed them as nothing more than playful attempts by individuals seeking attention and followers on social media.

    “It is just rumors, normal paddock rumors,” said Alonso when asked about the situation. “From people that are just trying to make fun of it and gain some followers, and these kinds of things.”

    The Spanish driver expressed his disappointment with those who spread such unfounded speculation during a media briefing prior to the race:

    “I am not enjoying [it] because even in this room… all of you are journalists… professional people… You gain your respect… So all the rumors are coming from people that are not in this room, are just here to make fun and I think it’s not funny when they play with anything.”

    Alonso’s main concern is that these rumors, linking him to Red Bull or suggesting a loss of faith in the Aston Martin project, could lead some to question his loyalty. He stated that there would be consequences for those responsible but did not elaborate on what he meant by this.

    The Bigger Picture: Aston Martin’s Progress and Challenges

    Aston Martin has been facing challenges recently and struggling to perform at its desired level since introducing an upgrade at the United States Grand Prix. Despite this, Alonso believes it is crucial to consider the progress made by the team throughout the year.

    “We are obviously not as competitive as we want,” admitted Alonso. “And we all try to get to our best level, which is obviously not the one that we’re showing now.”

    He also mentioned analyzing recent upgrades and approaching the weekend in Brazil with a more traditional strategy rather than experimenting too much:

    “Here in Brazil, we have a sprint format… maybe it is a more traditional weekend for us, not experimenting as much as the last two.”

    In spite of their current struggles, Alonso emphasized that no one within Aston Martin was satisfied with their form. However, he reminded everyone of how far they had come over time:

    “Mike [Krack] is not happy… We should not be happy… But when this 2023 campaign has been a super season for us…”

    The team’s achievements include seven podium finishes this year and accumulating 200 points more than last season – clear indicators of progress despite present difficulties.

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