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    04 November 2023

    Alonso’s Unfortunate Positioning Leads to Ocon F1 Crash

    Aston Martin Driver Suffers Setback in Qualifying Crash

    In a shocking turn of events, the Aston Martin driver encountered a devastating blow during the second part of the shootout that determines the grid for the Saturday race. Unfortunately, heavy damage to the front-left corner hindered their participation.

    The incident unfolded as former Alpine team-mate Esteban Ocon lost control and collided with the Aston while navigating Turn 2. This unexpected change of direction caused both drivers immense trouble. The Spaniard limped back to the pits with suspension damage and a puncture, while Ocon crashed into barriers, prompting a red flag and leading to an extensive delay for track repairs.

    To further complicate matters, both drivers have been summoned by stewards to investigate this unfortunate incident.


    Fernando Alonso’s Reaction

    “Unfortunately, we could not complete qualifying,” expressed two-time champion Alonso. “It is a shame with both cars out of qualifying and a lot of damage on both cars. Not the way we wanted [this to go].”

    I’ve not seen the replay yet,” he confessed when asked about what transpired on track. “But someone told me that he lost control momentarily. It’s one of those situations – wrong place at wrong moment.”

    Aston Martin’s performance took a nosedive overnight, with Lance Stroll sitting in 17th place when the red flag was waved. Alonso, on the other hand, couldn’t improve his position from 15th due to his car being incapacitated.

    Challenges Ahead for Aston Martin

    During Friday’s qualifying session for the main event, Stroll showcased an exceptional lap that secured him third place on the grid. Meanwhile, Alonso managed a respectable fourth-place start.

    We had great pace yesterday,” noted Alonso. “We struggled a bit more today during SQ1 to make it through; thus, we have some question marks surrounding our speed.”

    “However,” he added confidently, “I am more optimistic than I was in Mexico and Austin. So hopefully it will be a thrilling race.”

    I encountered significant traffic during my final flying lap in SQ1,” lamented Stroll as he reflected upon his own misfortune. ” Passing three or four cars on your push lap is simply not feasible here, ” explained Stroll regretfully. ” This cost us dearly today,” he continued to express frustration over losing valuable time due to congested track conditions.” The car felt decent; our performance wasn’t terrible. Unfortunately,the abundance of traffic made it challenging for everyone out there within such limited time.”

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