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    15 June 2023

    Amnesty International Finds Evidence of Unlawful Recruitment Fees Paid by Migrant Workers for World Cup 2022

    Thousands of Migrants Paid “Illegal Recruitment Fees” for 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Amnesty Says

    The upcoming 2022 World Cup is already surrounded by controversies. According to a report from Amnesty International, thousands of migrants paid illegal recruitment fees to work at the event held in Qatar. These workers allegedly paid more than £450 each, which amounts to over a third of their expected earnings.

    FIFA urged to take action and recompense workers

    Steve Cockburn, head of economic and social justice at Amnesty International said that FIFA has not effectively investigated the issue yet. Moreover, he also added that the existing mechanism for redress is not fit for purpose and has left thousands deprived of compensation. As such, FIFA must step in immediately and offer meaningful remediation.

    Teyseer denies all allegations against them

    The human rights watchdog spoke with individuals from Nepal, Ghana and Kenya who were contracted by Teyseer Security Services based in Qatar. All these people had incurred significant costs during their recruitment process before they could secure employment as security guards or marshals.

    According to job letters obtained by Amnesty International from Teyseer Security Services stated clearly that all related costs would be reimbursed upon successful employment. However,Teyseer denies any wrongdoing stating that they strictly follow ethical practices when recruiting employees.

    Promised compensations have not been honored

    In early January this year,hundreds of marshals staged a protest demanding reimbursement for their recruitment fees, unpaid overtime and the bonus they were promised upon completion of their duties. These workers were promised compensation but that pledge has not been honored.

    Qatar’s response to the allegations

    Qatar is proud to lead the region on labor rights, according to a statement made by a Qatari official in response to Amnesty International’s report. The country has worked with global partners to implement an effective labor system which is supported by robust enforcement mechanisms ensuring compliance among all employers. Qatar strictly enforces its ban on illegal recruitment fees and contract substitution.

    FIFA aware of Amnesty’s allegations

    FIFA was made aware of Amnesty International’s report back in April 2021 and took prompt action in following up with both Teyseer Security Services as well as the Workers’ Welfare Department at Supreme Committee and Doha Office of ILO. FIFA collaborated closely with its Qatari counterparts implementing due diligence processes aimed at ensuring companies involved in World Cup-related construction abide by Supreme Committee’s Worker’s Welfare Standards.


    We hope FIFA will actively follow-up when it learns about alleged breaches while considering any non-compliance unacceptable.

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