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    12 March 2024

    Analysis of Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson, Canelo’s upcoming match, and more: Boxing podcast highlights for March 12, 2024


    **Unveiling the Latest Podcast Episode**

    Greetings, dear readers! The anticipated Tuesday has arrived – a day dedicated to our intriguing podcast series. Today’s episode unfolds in a unique manner as we deviate from our usual structured segments. Our host, John, graciously sacrificed his family time during vacation to bring this exclusive content to you. A gesture worth acknowledging indeed!

    **Expressing Gratitude and Accessibility Options**

    We extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued listenership and support! In case the embedded player fails to display or function correctly, fret not; you can access our podcast on various platforms including Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, among others. Alternatively, feel free to download the MP3 directly from here. Do note that some explicit language may be present within the episode.

    **Musical Highlights and Signing Off**

    The melodious tunes accompanying this episode are courtesy of Rocky Marsiano with tracks such as “Chamem-Me D”, “Em Sintonia”, and “Só Naquela”. Let these captivating sounds serenade you through the podcast journey.


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