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    15 November 2023

    Anwar El Ghazi files lawsuit against Mainz for termination due to Israel-Gaza social media posts

    Anwar El Ghazi Takes Legal Action Against Mainz for Wrongful Dismissal

    Dutch winger Anwar El Ghazi is causing a stir as he takes legal action against his former club, Mainz, alleging wrongful dismissal. The dispute arose after a series of social media posts made by the player regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict.

    El Ghazi’s lawyer firmly believes that these posts should be protected under freedom of expression and sees no grounds for termination based on their content. In response to this issue, Mainz has acknowledged being informed about the case but refrained from further comment due to ongoing legal proceedings.

    While this controversy unfolds, it is disheartening to note that El Ghazi has become the target of numerous abusive messages on social media platforms. Disturbingly enough, some even include death threats against both him and his family, along with derogatory terms such as “terrorist”. These messages have been reported to the UK Football Policing Unit for investigation.

    Mainz initially suspended El Ghazi following a controversial social media post containing the phrase “from the river to the sea,” indicative of pro-Palestinian sentiment. It is worth noting that interpretations vary on whether this phrase implies hostility towards Israel or not.

    The club found El Ghazi’s position on the Middle East conflict unacceptable and threatened him with contract termination as a result. However, three days later, he returned to training and matchday activities after expressing remorse and emphasizing his commitment to peace.

    Interestingly, El Ghazi later revealed that he did not authorize the club’s statement confirming his return. He firmly stands by his words, proclaiming support for humanity and oppressed individuals until the end of his life.

    In response to El Ghazi’s continued stance on social media, Mainz terminated his contract immediately. The player responded defiantly, highlighting that standing up for what is right outweighs personal losses: “Stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone. The loss of my livelihood is nothing when compared to the hell being unleashed on the innocent and vulnerable in Gaza.”

    Mainz has a historical connection with Judaism through one of its founding members, Eugen Salomon – a Jewish man who was stripped of his club functions by the Nazis in 1933 before tragically losing his life during the Holocaust in 1942. Notably, a road leading up to Mainz’s stadium bears Salomon’s name as a memorial.

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