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    19 May 2023

    As she prepares to face the undefeated Jade Taylor in Bournemouth, Karriss Artingstall is poised to take her game to the next level

    Karriss Artingstall plans to “break down” unbeaten opponent Jade Taylor in Bournemouth

    Karriss Artingstall, a young professional boxer with a perfect 3-0 record, is preparing for her next fight against undefeated Jade Taylor. The Olympian feels confident and ready to take on the challenge of fighting eight rounds instead of six, which will allow her to showcase her unique style and break down her opponent.

    Artingstall’s last victory over Linzi Buczynskyj was an important step in her development as a fighter. She appreciated the fact that Buczynskyj came ready to engage and didn’t just try to run away or survive the fight. This type of competition brings out the best in Artingstall and helps her stay focused throughout each round.

    Jade Taylor also defeated Buczynskyj last April and boasts an impressive 5-0 record. Both fighters are eager to win their upcoming bout, but Artingstall has no doubt she can extend her winning streak thanks to all the hard work she puts into training.

    The young boxer believes that before every match, confidence grows inside of her because she knows how much effort she put into preparation. Once inside the ring herself any jabs thrown at me won’t stop me from steamrolling forward with my own punches!

    A future looking bright

    The bronze medalist from Tokyo wants more challenging fights later this year when hopefully he’ll get his chance at a ten-round match-up! Karris said “I am fit enough now for ten full rounds”. “This is only eight rounds,” he added, “so I probably do another eight after that… then maybe towards the end of this year we’ll look at doing a real 10-rounder.”

    Artingstall is still studying her next opponent but has no doubts about the outcome of this fight. She trusts herself and knows that when she steps into the ring, she will give it her all.

    A cracking night for boxing fans

    The upcoming match between Artingstall and Taylor will take place on the undercard of Lawrence Okolie and Chris Billam-Smith’s headline fight for the WBC cruiserweight title in Bournemouth. The event promises to be a thrilling night of boxing, with Billam-Smith hoping to claim his first world title in front of his home crowd.

    “It’s different from my last fight which was close to home,” said Artingstall. “But I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me to show what I’m capable of doing against Jade.”

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