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    03 November 2023

    Aston Martin F1 Creates its Own Fortune with Third Place in Brazilian GP Qualifying

    Qualifying Drama in Sao Paulo: Aston Martin’s Fortunate Result

    The qualifying session for Sunday’s race in Sao Paulo was filled with perplexities as dark clouds loomed over the circuit. Amidst the anticipation of rain, a rush to secure a good lap time ensued. Aston Martin took an unconventional approach by positioning themselves at the pitlane exit first, hoping to beat the incoming inclement weather.

    Astonishingly, Lance Stroll managed to outqualify his teammate Fernando Alonso on their laps. However, as weather conditions worsened, only polesitter Max Verstappen and runner-up Charles Leclerc were able to overcome the Aston Martins. When asked if luck played a role in their success, Stroll replied confidently that they made their own luck by strategically positioning themselves at the front of the queue and taking advantage of track position.

    A change in wind direction further complicated matters for all drivers during Q3. The switch from a moderate tailwind down the start-finish straight to a brisk headwind affected sector two significantly. This resulted in a drop in lap times as many struggled to navigate this section with precision.

    Stroll admitted that he still found it challenging despite securing a good position early on. He acknowledged that other drivers who went out later faced even greater difficulties due to these changing winds. Nevertheless, he commended his team for giving them an opportunity before adverse weather conditions arrived.

    Reflecting on Aston Martin’s improved performance, Stroll attributed it to the more favorable circuit conditions at Interlagos. Comparing it to their struggles in Mexico, he expressed confidence in the AMR23 package and suggested that a corner had been turned regarding single-lap pace.

    Stroll concluded by highlighting the team’s competitiveness throughout the day and his positive experience with car handling. He emphasized how crucial grip is for continued improvement and clean racing.

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