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    02 November 2023

    Aston Martin F1 team renews contract with Drugovich as reserve driver for 2024

    Sensational Brazilian Driver Felipe Drugovich Continues Aston Martin Journey

    In a surprising turn of events, the highly talented Brazilian driver Felipe Drugovich is set to continue his journey with Aston Martin for a second season. This announcement comes after an impressive display during the Bahrain test earlier this year and subsequent Friday sessions at Monza.

    With ambitions soaring high, Drugovich has been extensively involved in a private testing program with an AMR21 car, accumulating an astonishing total mileage of 6,000km since joining the team late last year. Additionally, he has dedicated himself to twenty days of simulator work so far in preparation for the upcoming season.

    “I’m really proud to be continuing to work with Aston Martin for a second season,” expressed the Formula 2 champion of 2022 confidently. “This year has been filled with valuable learning experiences both on and off the racetrack.”

    Drugovich’s dedication and commitment have not gone unnoticed by team principal Mike Krack who praised his exceptional contribution. “He possesses invaluable knowledge about our team dynamics and consistently demonstrates remarkable speed and expertise,” stated Krack.


    A Promising Future Ahead

    The next challenge awaiting this rising star is participating in FP1 at Abu Dhabi where he will once again showcase his skills behind the wheel of AMR23. Following that opportunity, Drugovich will shift his focus towards collaborating closely with engineers over winter to gear up for another fruitful season ahead.

    Continued Support from Brazilian Sponsors

    Drugovich’s excellence has also attracted support and backing from his sponsors in Brazil including XP, Porto, and Banco Master. Their belief in his talent further solidifies the confidence surrounding his future with Aston Martin.

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