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    12 June 2023

    Bagnaia proves critics wrong with Mugello MotoGP victory despite social media backlash.

    Francesco Bagnaia Wins Italian GP in Front of Home Fans

    The MotoGP season is heating up, and Francesco Bagnaia is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. The factory Ducati rider cruised to his third grand prix victory of the 2023 season at Mugello, delighting his home fans.

    Bagnaia’s performance over the weekend was nothing short of impressive. He qualified on pole and won the sprint contest before claiming victory in front of an adoring crowd.

    But while many fans were thrilled with his performance, some online critics took issue with comments he made about the competitiveness of MotoGP now. However, this isn’t the first time that Bagnaia has faced backlash on social media. From a drink/driving incident to an ill-thought Dennis Rodman tribute helmet at Misano in 2022, he has been no stranger to controversy.

    A True Fan Experience

    Despite these challenges, Bagnaia remains focused on what really matters: his fans. Speaking after his win at Mugello, he talked about how much their support meant to him:

    “It’s always like this,” he said about his home support. “You can be criticised always, but where? On social media. But you go on track and see that [support], it’s unbelievable.”

    Bagnaia went on to describe how seeing all those people cheering for him helped put things into perspective:

    “It’s one of the best things ever…It’s the first time for me to see that, and this is the true fan. This is the thing that is most important for me.”

    For Bagnaia, the support he receives in person far outweighs any negative comments he might encounter online:

    “So, I’m very happy to see that and I’m very happy to let them enjoy it…social media is a good thing but can also be a bad world. So, for sure, reality is the best way to see the love from the people. What I saw today was one of the best things I ever saw.”

    Overall, it’s clear that Francesco Bagnaia isn’t letting social media critics get him down. He remains focused on his fans and his performance on track – which only seems to be getting better with each passing race.

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