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    02 June 2023

    Belarusian Tennis Player Expresses Concerns Over Safety During French Open Press Conference

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    Belarusian tennis player, Aryna Sabalenka, has caused a stir at the French Open after opting out of her usual open news conference following her third-round match. The decision was made for mental health and wellbeing reasons.

    Aryna Sabalenka Opts Out Of Press Conference

    Sabalenka faced questions from a Ukrainian reporter regarding Russia’s invasion in Belarus during her opening matches in Paris. The second seed did not feel safe to answer similar inquiries during the press conference that followed her victory against Russia’s Kamilla Rakhimova on Friday.

    “I should be able to feel safe when I do interviews with journalists after my matches,” said Sabalenka, who spoke exclusively to a hand-picked group of reporters selected by tournament organizers instead.

    Limited Access To Exclusive Interview Group

    It is unclear why exactly she felt threatened or what specifically prompted such measures. However, it seems these precautions have been implemented as a result of ongoing events linked to political unrest between Belarus and Ukraine over the last year.

    Unfortunately, no media outlets were present within this exclusive interview group including us at Bewinner since these measures had been taken without prior announcement or discussion with any sports journalism organizations.

    Tennis Under Stressful Circumstances?

    This comes shortly after Naomi Osaka withdrew from Roland Garros due to mental health reasons citing difficulties related to post-match questioning – sparking much-needed conversations around athlete welfare within the sport industry. Sabalenka will advance into round four where she faces Kazakstan’s Elena Rybakina hoping for another win that could potentially see her reach world number one status in women’s tennis – we look forward seeing how things unfold!

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