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    13 June 2023

    Brazil and Spain to face off in a friendly match to promote anti-racism and support Vinicius Jr.

    Spanish Football Association and Brazilian FA launch anti-racism campaign with “One Skin” slogan

    The Spanish Football Association and the Brazilian FA have launched a joint anti-racism campaign under the slogan “One Skin”. This initiative is aimed at tackling racist abuse in football, which has become a global issue.

    Brazil to face Spain in friendly match as part of anti-racism campaign

    In support of this campaign, Brazil will play against Spain next year in March. The game will be played at Bernabeu – home ground of Vinicius Jr.’s club side Real Madrid. The young winger was racially abused multiple times while playing for Real Madrid last season. His experiences prompted the two football federations to take action against racism by launching their anti-racism drive.

    “There is no place for racist insults in our football,” said Spanish Football Association president Luis Rubiales.

    The CBF’s counterpart Ednaldo Rodrigues spoke about the need for stricter punishment by football authorities when it comes to cases of racism. He emphasized that fines are not enough and that clubs should also be held accountable through measures such as deduction of points or closure of stands. Rodrigues noted that CBF was the first federation to adopt harsher sanctions against racism, including lifetime expulsion from club membership.

    “We need to lead a worldwide campaign to fight against this virus that shames everyone involved in football.”

    La Liga president faces criticism over handling racial incident involving Vinicius Jr


    Vinicius Jr’s experience with racial abuse extends beyond his time on the field. Last season, during a match between Real Madrid and Valencia, the Brazilian player was racially abused yet again. La Liga president Javier Tebas received widespread criticism for his handling of the incident after he told Vinicius on social media that “you need to inform yourself properly”.

    “It is intolerable that such events like what happened with Valencia take place in our country,” said Rubiales.

    Tebas later apologized to Vinicius, stating that he did not mean to “attack” him. However, this incident highlights the ongoing issue of racism in football which needs urgent attention.


    The joint anti-racism campaign by Spanish Football Association and Brazilian FA is an important step towards combating racism in football globally. It sends a strong message against any form of discrimination towards players based on their skin colour or ethnicity.


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