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    05 December 2023

    Breaking Tradition: Sauber Unveils Plans for 2024 UK F1 Launch

    Sauber Set to Unveil UK Car Launch in 2024

    In a surprising move, Sauber Formula One team is breaking new ground by choosing the United Kingdom as the location for its upcoming car launch ahead of the highly anticipated 2024 season. While previous launches have taken place across Europe, including Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – home to Sauber’s headquarters – this will be their first unveiling in the UK.

    The team’s representative, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, made the announcement at the prestigious Autosport Awards ceremony. He hinted at an exciting partnership with undisclosed sponsors and emphasized a fresh approach towards marketing and communication strategies.

    “As soon as FIA publishes the entry list on December 10th next year,” said Alunni Bravi, “we will proudly unveil our new team name alongside details about our remarkable partners. We’re thrilled about this unique opportunity and can’t wait to introduce our cutting-edge car right here in the UK.”

    This significant shift comes after Sauber concluded its six-year collaboration with Alfa Romeo. During this period, they competed under Alfa Romeo’s banner for five seasons before parting ways. The change in identity will extend beyond just a name alteration; it will also mark a transition into uncharted territory for Sauber as they prepare to enter their next era.

    Audi has already confirmed its involvement as Sauber’s works entry starting from 2026 onwards. However, fans should not expect immediate branding changes or Audi logos until that time arrives.

    Despite a challenging season with just 16 points to their name, Sauber remains committed to transformation and growth within the organization. Alunni Bravi expressed his team’s dedication in developing every department and highlighted the crucial role of finding exceptional professionals to drive progress.

    “As Sir Jackie Stewart famously said, people are key,” noted Alunni Bravi. “We understand that our main challenge lies not only in expanding the size of our team but also in attracting top talent across various disciplines. Time is one resource we cannot buy, so managing expectations will be paramount.”

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