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    03 June 2023

    Carlo Ancelotti Confident Karim Benzema Will Stay with Real Madrid

    Real Madrid Manager Confident Karim Benzema Will Stay at the Club

    Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti dismissed rumors that forward Karim Benzema is leaving the club. Earlier this week, reports surfaced linking Benzema to a “lucrative move” to Saudi Arabia, but Ancelotti said he has “no doubts” about the Frenchman’s loyalty. In an interview with Bewinner on Saturday, Ancelotti praised his player’s recovery and confirmed he would be ready to play in Sunday’s La Liga final against Athletic Bilbao.

    Although Asensio is set to depart after 8 years at the club, Benzema will stay put. “The internet isn’t reality,” said Benzema when asked about his future during a press conference last Thursday. While some speculated that these comments were vague or ambiguous, we believe they reflect a deep sense of frustration felt by many professional athletes today. Indeed, it seems as though footballers are under more pressure than ever before – from fans who expect nothing less than perfection every time they step onto the pitch; from media outlets desperate for clicks and views; and even from their own peers who often seem more interested in social media clout than team dynamics.

    Despite all this noise however, it’s reassuring to know that some things never change – such as a player’s dedication to his team and its supporters. Benzema has been with Real Madrid since 2009 and has won 25 trophies in his time there – including four Champions League titles. His contributions on field have made him one of Europe’s best forwards over the past decade. As for what comes next? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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