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    10 June 2023

    Carlos Alcaraz blames stress for cramping during match against Novak Djokovic in French Open 2023

    World number one, Carlos Alcaraz, opens up about body cramps during match with Novak Djokovic

    Carlos Alcaraz, the top seed in the French Open semi-finals clash with Serbia’s Novak Djokovic revealed that playing against the 22-time major champion was stressful. The stress led to full-body cramps which ruined his chances of winning their encounter.

    The Spaniard admitted to feeling tense and nervous throughout the game. He said that facing a legend like Djokovic was not an easy feat even though it was only their second meeting on court.

    “If someone says he goes onto the court with no nerves playing against Novak, he lies,” added US Open champion Alcaraz.”

    Djokovic who had experienced similar experiences when much younger empathized with him saying “It is part of the learning curve. It’s part of experience. His career will be very successful if he manages to keep healthy because the game is there.”

    What happened during this match?

    The world witnessed an intense tennis battle between two great players where both played well but unfortunately for Alcarez things didn’t end as expected due to full-body cramps which affected his performance from early in third set onward till endgame.

    Revealing interview after losing out in Semifinals Clash

    In a revealing post-match interview held immediately after defeat by the Serbian superstar at Roland Garros Stadium; Carlos opened up about what transpired on-court during their semifinals clash. He described how early into third set, he started cramping and struggled to move properly. The situation soon became more complicated when the issue spread to other parts of his body apart from his legs.

    Alcaraz received treatment on court twice during the match but never thought of quitting because he was in a semifinal spot at one of tennis’ four Grand Slam tournaments. “I would have felt sorry about myself if I would retire. I’m in a semi-final of a Grand Slam. If I retired from that, it could have been really tough for me,” said Alcaraz

    The Future Is Bright For Carlos Alcarez

    Carlos has had an impressive run so far with his career with notable achievements such as winning New York’s first Grand Slam title last year. He continues to show much maturity in every game played over time, making him one player we all should keep an eye on.

    This young sportsman is someone who can go far provided he manages to stay healthy.

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