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    26 May 2023

    Chantelle Cameron eyes rematch with Katie Taylor as she targets dual undisputed world champion titles

    Chantelle Cameron Open to Rematch Against Katie Taylor on Her Terms

    The world of boxing was left in awe when Chantelle Cameron produced a career-best performance and defeated the previously undefeated Irish fighter, Katie Taylor. The 32-year-old undisputed super-lightweight champion left Taylor playing catch-up in the later rounds before clinching a deserved majority decision victory, improving her record to an impressive 18-0.

    In a post-fight interview, Cameron revealed that she had always believed she could defeat Taylor and was confident going into the fight. She attributed her success to having “the camp of my life,” which allowed her to develop “the performance of a lifetime.” However, despite winning against one of the best fighters in boxing’s history, there are still mixed feelings whether a rematch between them will occur or not.

    Cameron expressed that while she would be open for another bout against Taylor, it would have to be under different circumstances – ones that favor her this time around. She insisted on having greater say over proceedings if such an event were ever to happen again:

    “I’m up for it but it’s got to make sense for me I think…for me to take the rematch I want a few things different.”

    Cameron also clarified that beating someone like Katie Taylor is no easy feat as they are both skilled fighters with plenty of heart. And since defeating one champion wasn’t enough for Cameron, she plans on pursuing more belts and becoming two-weight undisputed world champion:

    “It’s about becoming two-weight undisputed world champion…I just beat the undisputed champion at 147 in my weight class…time I go grab some more belts and go challenge for their belts as well.”

    In conclusion, while we don’t know yet if there will be a rematch between these two talented fighters, we do know that Chantelle Cameron is confident in her abilities and will do whatever it takes to continue achieving success.

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