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    26 May 2023

    Chantelle Cameron’s Mental Techniques for Undisputed Victory Over Katie Taylor

    The Ultimate Test: Chantelle Cameron Defeats Katie Taylor in Dublin

    Chantelle Cameron faced the ultimate test as she stepped into the ring with legendary boxer, Katie Taylor, on Saturday night in Dublin. Northampton’s very own undisputed super-lightweight champion was already a force to be reckoned with, but defeating someone like Taylor was no small feat.

    Taylor is an Olympic gold medallist and two-weight world titlist who has reigned as the undisputed champion at 135lbs for some time now. In addition, this fight marked her first professional bout held in Ireland.

    Cameron proved herself up to the task though by handing Taylor her first professional defeat by majority decision.

    A Winning Style

    Credit must go to Cameron’s head trainer Jamie Moore who always believed that his fighter had what it takes to beat Taylor or at least give her serious problems. According to him:

    “Her jab is really underestimated. Her distance and timing are impeccable – something that people often overlook which makes them underestimate her ability.”

    Something surprising about Cameron was how quickly she managed to get into the fight. As soon as the bell rang, within seconds of starting round one, Jamie said he knew she would win easily:

    “It didn’t actually go exactly how I anticipated beforehand because Katie didn’t go out of the blocks as fast as usual…She usually wins or mentally grips onto fights after just a couple rounds.”

    Mental Techniques Make All The Difference

    Another factor that contributed to Cameron’s success was the mental techniques she had been honing. Jamie Moore stated:

    “People have got that much respect for Katie, rightly so, then that can be a little bit overwhelming for opponents and they don’t commit to it because they’ve got a lot of respect for her.”

    He also mentioned how he kept telling Chantelle not to let her respect for Taylor hold her back – reminding her instead to dominate in the ring during competition time or face the consequences.

    A Champion’s Journey

    Cameron’s journey has been one of progression and testing fights. She did not get fast-tracked like other fighters, but rather progressed step-by-step through various weight classes while winning different titles along the way.

    In 2020, Cameron won the vacant WBC 140lb title before defending it in Las Vegas later that year. The following year saw her unification fight against Jessica McCaskill at O2 where she beat the undisputed champion (welterweight) McCall by going undisputed herself at super-lightweight.

    The Future

    Although this victory may be considered a high point in Chantelle Cameron’s career as well as quite possibly marking something of an endgame with regards to Taylor’s career; there is no doubt about what lies ahead: more challenges and opportunities to prove herself again and again.

    What’s clear is that Cameron has the skill, determination, and winning mindset needed to push through any obstacles she may face in the future. Here’s hoping it will be a long and successful career for this rising star of women’s boxing!

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