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    29 May 2023

    Chris Billam-Smith upsets Lawrence Okolie to claim world title in an action-packed hometown fight with three knockdowns

    The Astonishing Fight of Chris Billam-Smith vs Lawrence Okolie

    It was a battle that defied all expectations, as Chris Billam-Smith triumphed over his former friend and training partner Lawrence Okolie in a thrilling world title fight. The Bournemouth native emerged victorious with the WBO cruiserweight championship after an intense clash filled with knockdowns, warnings, and frenzied punching.

    A Surprising Rivalry

    The fact that these two fighters once shared rounds in sparring as well as a trainer in Shane McGuigan made their feud even more perplexing. However, when Okolie left McGuigan to join new coach SugarHill Steward, he set himself on a collision course with Billam-Smith. As both men held titles at different times throughout their careers before this confrontation.

    The Battle of Vitality Stadium

    Billed as one of the most exciting encounters of the year, 15,000 fans packed into Vitality Stadium for what they hoped would be an unforgettable night. The hometown hero Chris Billam-Smith walked out first to cheers from his supporters while defending champion Okolie appeared indifferent to boos aimed towards him.

    A Wild Start

    No feeling-out round was needed as they quickly engaged each other from the start bell. There were moments where they grappled fiercely with one arm while throwing punches with another hand; it was clear both fighters knew each other’s style too well for any hesitation. However,

    An Explosive Knockout by Smith-Billam

    In Round 4th ,Chris launched an explosive left hook which sent Okilie straight off his feet onto the canvas floor.He staggered backwards trying to clinch but failed miserably.Chris had engineered a huge turnaround.

    A Controversial Fight

    Both fighters were warned multiple times by referee Marcus McDonnell, with two points deducted from Okolie for clinching. Nevertheless, the defending champion kept attacking ferociously to regain his momentum but Smith-Billam was too strong and resilient throughout the fight.

    An Unpredictable Result

    In the end, Chris Billam-Smith emerged as the victor with a majority decision in front of his ecstatic hometown fans. It was an outcome that nobody could have predicted before this match took place. Regardless of their past friendship or training together, both men put on a show that will be remembered for years to come.

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