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    19 May 2023

    Chris Eubank Jr Prioritizes Rematch with Liam Smith Amidst Conor Benn Controversy

    In a recent interview, Chris Eubank Jr opened up about his considerations to fight Conor Benn despite the latter’s failed drug tests. Eubank Jr revealed that he received a substantial offer to fight Benn overseas but couldn’t bring himself to accept it due to certain circumstances.

    Puzzlement over the potential match-up

    It comes as no surprise that fans were left perplexed by this revelation. After all, both fighters have been making headlines in their own right for some time now and seeing them go head-to-head would be quite an event. However, with Benn’s ongoing issues with drugs and testing, it is understandable why Eubank Jr had second thoughts.

    Discontinuity in plans

    The fact that Eubank Jr was considering fighting Benn instead of pursuing other options also raises questions about his plans and priorities. He did activate his rematch clause with Liam Smith after losing to him earlier this year but could he have made a bigger statement by taking on someone like Benn?

    On top of that, there is now even more discontinuity given the recent news from UKAD confirming charges against Conor Benn for his failed drugs tests. This puts any potential fights involving him in doubt until further notice.

    The Rematch Takes Priority

    “If things are not right with Conor at this moment in time, and things are not right with me. I want to get this guy [Smith] back for what he did and then I can move on.” – Chris Eubank Jr

    Despite all these puzzling factors surrounding the situation, one thing remains clear – Eubank Jr is focused on his rematch with Liam Smith. He knows that he needs to take care of business before moving onto other potential match-ups.

    In fact, there are still so many names out there for him to fight both domestically and internationally. But he understands the importance of staying focused and not looking too far ahead.

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