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    03 June 2023

    Claressa Shields leading the way for women’s boxing

    A new era for women’s professional boxing

    Claressa Shields is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and world champion in professional boxing, making her one of the most prominent figures in the sport. She believes that with more rivals joining championship class, they can usher in an exciting new era for women’s professional boxing. Shields draws inspiration from the ‘Four Kings’, who were Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran and Marvin Hagler; this was when all four boxers fought each other. She expects top female fighters around her weight to also compete against each other in high-profile fights.

    The Four Queens

    She sees no reason why not to talk about ‘Four Queens’. The middleweight division plus super-middleweight division has Claressa Shields, Franchon Crews-Dezurn, Savannah Marshall and Shadasia Green as some of its notable boxers. Shield thinks these fighters can be compared to the great Four Kings. Shields has already beaten Savannah Marshall to become undisputed middleweight champion but would like a rematch if possible. Marshall currently plans on challenging Franchon Crews-Dezurn for super-middleweight title while Shadasia Green waits patiently as a mandatory challenger for WBC super-middleweight belt..

    Homecoming fight at Detroit

    On Saturday night she will have her homecoming fight against Maricela Cornejo from Mexico City in Detroit – which happens also to be Tommy Hearns’ birthplace and famous Kronk gym location . This event marks another highlight of Shield’s career. For Claressa it is a tremendously significant moment: “This is huge,” she said excitedly! “I’m going to get the chance to fight in front of 15 thousand fans.” It proves to her that women’s boxing in the USA is finally getting the attention it deserves.

    Bringing big time boxing back to Detroit

    “I’m bringing big time boxing back [to Detroit]. This is going to make more big fights in Detroit but it’s all starting out with me. So I’m excited about that.” Claressa says she owes a lot of gratitude and inspiration from Tommy Hearns, who supported and endorsed her as a young boxer. She emphasizes how much this means for Women’s Boxing: “Women’s boxing has been flourishing here in the United States but just not as fast as it has been in the UK and we haven’t been given the opportunities.” “To be able to fight at Little Caesars Arena, where Pistons play, 15 thousand seats, proves what I’ve already said – yes I am the greatest woman of all time (the GWOAT) – and that I will be changing perspectives on how they see women’s boxing here.”

    The GWOAT

    Claressa Shields recently beat Savannah Marshall once again during their last encounter held in London underlining their rivalry further; She believes that when she gets hit hard enough during bouts she becomes increasingly aggressive wanting only to strike harder against opponents. “I want to show you he can take hits while also giving them” . Shields thinks nobody can stand up against her tactics or approach: “I’m going into your backyard ready for battle! That’s me!” Overall, Shields continues paving way for future generations of female boxers by promoting professional development , gender equality and overall progressiveness within sport news today.

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