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    23 May 2023

    Daniel Podence Cleared of Spitting Charge Due to Insufficient Evidence, Says Wolves Winger

    Wolves’ Podence cleared of spitting charge by FA

    The Football Association has cleared Wolves’ Daniel Podence on a spitting allegation made against him by Nottingham Forest’s Brennan Johnson during their game in April, after the regulatory commission found a lack of “convincing” evidence. Referee Chris Kavanagh took no action at that time but later charged Podence with misconduct based on video footage from VAR check.

    “Weaknesses” in Johnson’s evidence

    In its written reasons published recently, the commission said Podence was not guilty because video footage of the alleged incident did not show any saliva leaving his mouth. The witness accounts provided also had some weaknesses and inconsistency; thus, they were deemed inconclusive and unconvincing.

    Johnson initially claimed he felt contact on his face but failed to mention seeing any saliva leaving Podence’s mouth until giving oral evidence later. Gibbs-White who stated he witnessed the event didn’t attend the hearing or respond to calls.

    Podence used provocation tactics

    The Portuguese forward admitted pretending to twice spit at Johnson while accepting responsibility for attempting to provoke his opponent with such antics.”

    The case highlights how incidents caught on camera can be subjectively ambiguous when analyzed without context. While it is crucial to uphold players’ conduct standards, it is equally important to consider all available information as objectively as possible before taking disciplinary actions

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