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    11 December 2023

    Developing a Winning Mindset: The Key for Williams F1 Team, Says Fry

    Investment and Restructuring Aim to Revive Williams F1 Team

    The Williams Formula 1 team, owned by Dorilton Capital, is undergoing a major transformation as they strive to restore the team’s former glory. In their pursuit of success, they have brought in James Vowles, a long-time Mercedes expert, to lead the charge as the new team principal starting from 2023.

    Vowles wasted no time in addressing the squad’s weaknesses and recruited renowned motorsport veteran Pat Fry from Alpine, where he had been previously involved with Benetton, McLaren, and Ferrari. Fry has joined as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and shares Vowles’ vision of propelling Williams back to its winning ways.

    Fry was initially hesitant due to his perception that there was no ambition at Alpine beyond securing a top-four position. However, after discussions with Vowles and the team’s investors, he became convinced that they were fully committed to revitalizing Williams’ journey towards reclaiming their spot at the front of the grid.

    “The ultimate goal in the end is to be a championship competitor,” stated Fry upon joining Williams on November 1st. “In 2-3-4 years time we need to be getting in the fight, breaking into the top three. It’s a tough ask when building up from our current state but I firmly believe it is achievable.”

    Fry draws inspiration from his experiences working alongside Ron Dennis and embracing McLaren’s philosophy that settling for second place means being first among the losers. His time at Ferrari further instilled in him the mindset of celebrating only victory and nothing else. Now, his mission is to rebuild Williams into a winning team once again.

    Williams has suffered from being underfunded, resulting in fragmented systems throughout the organization with no unified vision. Fry’s immediate focus is establishing a clear overall vision for the team.

    “We must define our ultimate goal, such as winning the championship in five years’ time,” Fry explained. “Then we need to equip ourselves with the necessary tools and develop both our personnel and mindset accordingly. The roadmap may be easy to envision but hard to execute.”

    In his role as CTO, similar to his position at Alpine previously, Fry will strategically plan Williams’ long-term technical requirements across all departments. Identifying what tools and technologies will be needed in five years’ time serves as an essential starting point for their regeneration process.

    “Thinking ahead is crucial considering that implementing substantial changes often requires several years,” emphasized Fry. “I have already engaged in discussions with department managers to comprehend their perspectives, where we currently stand, and where we need to go before bringing everything together.”

    Aiming High: Williams Sets Sights on Top Positions

    The 2023 season concluded with Williams finishing seventh overall after successfully fending off a late charge from AlphaTauri. These results highlight progress made amidst ongoing restructuring efforts; however, they also underline how far the team still needs go before reaching its desired destination – consistently competing at the front of Formula 1 grid.

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