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    21 June 2023

    Ducati’s MotoGP Triumphs Hinged on Their Satellite Team Strategy, says Bagnaia

    Ducati’s Dominance in Germany: A Triumph for Support Strategies

    Last weekend’s German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring was a historic moment for Ducati, as it occupied the top five spots of a race for the first time. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has been known to struggle at this track, making its achievement all the more impressive.

    Jorge Martin, racing for Pramac Racing, secured his first-ever grand prix victory in Germany since Ducati last won there in 2008. The podium consisted of two Pramac riders, Francesco Bagnaia on his factory team bike and VR46 duo Enea Bastianini and Marco Bezzecchi.

    The Championship Standings

    Bagnaia currently leads the championship by sixteen points from Martin. Bezzecchi is third while Johann Zarco sits fourth with plenty of races left to go.

    “If he starts to be too close, I will ask for team orders,” Bagnaia joked about Martin.”

    Bagnaia then went on to praise Ducati’s current support strategy that has led them to their dominance over other teams. He explained that giving maximum support to all riders within each team is key: “[If] you want to improve you have to give everything to all the riders so they can improve their package because then you can check data and make improvements every session.” This approach allows engineers access across different teams during sessions and helps drivers communicate better when making changes or adjustments before races. “It’s a strategy that works well,” said Bagnaia.

    No Need For Team Orders


    Team orders became a hot topic towards the end of 2022 as Bagnaia fought for the championship with Yamaha’s Fabio Quartararo, while Gresini Ducati’s Enea Bastianini remained in the equation until the penultimate round. However, Bagnaia made it clear that he doesn’t need any help from team orders to win. He said: “I don’t want team orders because I think this year we can fight for the title without them.” He added: “I know that if everything will work well, we can fight for the title without help.”

    The Key to Success

    Bagnaia’s comments highlight how important it is to have a good support strategy within teams and across manufacturers. Ducati’s success at Sachsenring demonstrates what can be achieved when all riders are given equal opportunities and treated fairly.

    “It’s about giving maximum support to everyone on each team so they can improve their package,” said Bagnaia.”

    Ducati has proved that its approach works by leading in both rider and manufacturer championships so far this season. It remains to be seen whether other teams will adopt similar strategies or stick with traditional approaches.


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