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    18 November 2023

    Emma Hayes, Chelsea manager, hails Lauren James as the most talented footballer in England after Chelsea’s 5-1 victory over Liverpool

    Lauren James Shines as Chelsea Thrash Liverpool

    In a stunning display of skill and determination, Lauren James proved why she is hailed as the most naturally gifted footballer in the country. The 22-year-old England forward delivered an outstanding performance that left Chelsea boss Emma Hayes singing her praises.

    James’ brilliance was on full display as she contributed three goals and one assist in Chelsea’s emphatic 5-1 victory over Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. It was a match where expectations were high for both teams, with Liverpool aiming to secure second place in the Women’s Super League standings.

    The game started with an explosive opening from James, who wasted no time out-pacing Gemma Bonner before slotting home a low shot just eleven minutes into the first half. After Liverpool equalized, it was James’ precise cross that allowed teammate Aggie Beever-Jones to head home and regain their lead.

    In the second half, James continued her relentless assault on goal. A perfectly timed pass from Sam Kerr set her up for a powerful low shot to score her second goal of the match. Not satisfied with just two goals, she showcased incredible reflexes by finishing off Johanna Rytting Kaneryd’s low cross to complete her hat-trick.

    “Outstanding,” is how Emma Hayes described James’ performance after the game. She praised not only her attacking prowess but also highlighted her hard work off the ball – back-pressing, counter pressing and dominating duels throughout all ninety minutes of play.

    Undoubtedly, this exceptional display comes at a crucial time for James as she prepares to represent England in a vital Nations League game against the Netherlands. A win in this match is essential for the Lionesses’ hopes of qualifying for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

    Gilly Flaherty, former England defender turned pundit, couldn’t help but laud James’ performance. She marveled at how James seemed to be everywhere on the pitch, even when faced with multiple opponents trying to close her down. Flaherty expressed hope that these remarkable performances would continue on an international stage and secure a bright future for English football.

    While delighted with the victory, Emma Hayes took aim at the scheduling challenges faced by Chelsea. With three games played within just six days – including trips abroad for Champions League matches – Hayes criticized both television broadcasters and football associations for not providing adequate support and assistance.

    Hayes lamented that other European teams receive more favorable treatment from their national associations when it comes to scheduling fixtures around European competitions. These concerns highlight the difficulties faced by teams like Chelsea who are juggling demanding schedules while trying to maintain peak performance levels throughout all competitions.

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