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    12 June 2023

    Everton Board Members Step Down: Barrett-Baxendale, Ingles & Sharp Resign

    Everton Boardroom Shake-Up: Key Figures Depart

    The board of directors at Everton has undergone significant changes, with three members stepping down from their roles. Chief Executive Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Chief Finance and Strategy Officer Grant Ingles, and Non-Executive Director Graeme Sharp have all left the club.

    Interim Appointments to be Made

    The Toffees announced that interim appointments would be made while they decide on a replacement for these key figures. Chairman Bill Kenwright’s future is also being discussed and will be decided soon.

    MSP Sports Capital Investment Deal in Progress

    Last month, Everton entered into an exclusivity agreement with MSP Sports Capital regarding investment in the club. This news comes as work continues on the construction of Everton’s new 53,888-capacity ground on Bramley-Moore Dock; however, costs have soared from £500m to £760m.

    Premier League Survival Secured for Another Season

    Everton secured Premier League survival after beating Bournemouth 1-0 at Goodison Park on the last day of the season. Despite this achievement, fans remain unhappy with how the club is run and protests demanding change continue unabated.

    Fans Unhappy with Club Management

    Fans have become increasingly dissatisfied with how things are being handled behind-the-scenes at Everton – so much so that they’ve staged protests calling for changes within its leadership structure. The relationship between supporters and decision-makers broke down even further when threatening correspondence was received by those attending home games back in January which led to them no longer attending.

    Departing Directors Praise their Achievements

    The departing directors released a joint statement which said, “We have all been fully committed during our time here and are disappointed to have made the decision to leave Everton. We have worked tirelessly alongside our chairman in what has been a challenging period to deliver some of the most significant projects in Everton’s history – projects that will safeguard and sustain the commercial future of the club for generations to come.”

    Chairman Bill Kenwright’s Legacy

    In response, Chairman Kenwright stated: “This has been a great board who have all worked tirelessly for the club, no matter what the circumstances. My relationship with Denise has been known as one of the closest in football. I thank her for her many achievements, particularly her magnificent work in respect of our new stadium.”

    Catastrophic Policies Lead to Boardroom Shake-Up

    The overhaul at Everton is an inevitable consequence of years’ worth of bad decisions by those running things behind-the-scenes. The team came close to relegation from Premier League two seasons on end and relations between fans and management broke down irreparably as a result.

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