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    05 June 2023

    Exeter Chiefs primed for massive showdown against Saracens in Premier 15s semi-finals.

    Exeter Chiefs Women’s Rugby Team Ready to Take on Saracens in the Premier 15s Semi-Final

    The Exeter Chiefs women’s rugby team is gearing up for a “huge” semi-final match against the Saracens this weekend. Despite only being in their third season of the top-flight, they have secured second place and will be looking to win their first-ever Premier 15s title.

    Susie Appleby, head coach of Exeter Chiefs, expressed excitement about facing off against Saracens again after losing to them in last year’s final. She said that both teams are strong and anything can happen on game day, but her squad would give their best effort.

    Exeter Chiefs’ Impressive Season So Far

    This season has been impressive for Exeter as they finished second for the second consecutive campaign. Although they haven’t won a league title yet, they have back-to-back Allianz Cups under their belt and finished three points ahead of Saracens after winning 15 out of their 18 matches during regular play.

    A Clash Between Two Strong Teams with Different Styles

    The upcoming game is expected to be an exciting one as both teams love moving the ball around. According to Appleby, whoever dominates in collision areas would likely give themselves an edge over the other side.

    Confidence High Amongst Players Ahead Of The Game

    Appleby stated that her team was feeling confident going into this game since they had already beaten Saracens before at Sandy Park in March when they took home Allianz Cup trophy. However, she also acknowledged that knockout games were unpredictable so anything could happen.

    In Conclusion

    Exeter Chiefs are ready to take on the Saracens this weekend in a thrilling semi-final match. The game is expected to be intense as both teams have different styles but are equally strong. Despite being relatively new to the top-flight, Exeter has already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with and are hoping for their first-ever Premier 15s title.

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