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    23 June 2023

    Exeter Chiefs’ Star Player Claudia MacDonald Aims for Premier 15s Championship Title”

    Baffling Switch Leads to Exeter Chiefs’ Claudia MacDonald Hoping for Premier 15s Title

    England’s Claudia MacDonald is hoping to top off one of her “favourite seasons” in rugby with a win in the Premier 15s final. The baffling switch from scrum-half to winger has left many scratching their heads, but it seems that this move may have been just what she needed.

    An Unusual Journey to Success

    MacDonald was part of the England team that played in the World Cup final in November and moved from Wasps to Exeter last summer. Despite being initially confused by her new position, she has helped lead Chiefs to their second successive final after losing out against Saracens last year.

    A Consistency of Playing with Chiefs Has Been Brilliant

    “The amount of game time I’ve had, the consistency of playing with Chiefs has just been brilliant,” she said. “For me it was something that I worked for for a long time at Wasps and we never quite got there.”

    A Huge Occasion for Women’s Rugby

    The upcoming match against Gloucester-Hartbury on Saturday is sure to be an exciting event for women’s rugby as a whole. With a huge amount of momentum following England’s game against France earlier this year, MacDonald believes that it will be a good culmination for the season and hopes they’ll come out on top.

    Moving From Scrum-Half To Winger – A Confusing Change?

    In recent years we’ve seen players change positions within sports regularly; some find success while others do not fare so well. In MacDonald’s case, it seems to have worked out well. “I love the open spaces,” she said.

    MacDonald’s Talent is Making an Impact on the Side

    Exeter coach Steve Salvin has praised MacDonald’s talent and contribution to the team: “What Claud has brought us on the wing is genuine match-winning potential…She’s incredibly driven, she works incredibly hard and sets the tone for a number of people.”

    A Special Talent

    “You look at the number of line breaks she’s made, look at the number of defenders she’s beaten, you look at the raw pace that she had, but also her ability to make good decisions under pressure; She’s a very special talent”.

    The Future for MacDonald?

    It remains unclear whether or not MacDonald will switch back to playing scrum-half anytime soon. However, one thing is certain – her unique journey through rugby continues.

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