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    04 November 2023

    F1 remains unconcerned about the escalating expenses of the Las Vegas Grand Prix

    The Financial Landscape of F1 Las Vegas

    The inaugural Formula 1 race in Las Vegas is set to be a milestone event, marking the first major undertaking by F1 owner Liberty Media. However, the cost of bringing this race to life has been steadily increasing, posing challenges for profitability.

    Liberty Media CFO Brian Wilding revealed that the company had initially estimated spending “close to” $400 million on the project. By September 2023, they had already exceeded this projection with approximately $435 million spent on capital expenditures (CapEx) related to pit buildings and track preparation alone.

    Despite these escalating costs, Liberty CEO Greg Maffei remains optimistic about future profitability. He emphasized that certain expenses were one-time only and highlighted plans for increased operational efficiency in subsequent years.

    Rising Expenses and Promising Returns

    Maffei acknowledged that there were unexpected factors contributing to higher costs such as heightened security measures and unique requirements imposed by local regulators. Additionally, initial expenses included provisions for safety along with special events like an opening ceremony.

    However, he assured stakeholders that these extraordinary costs would not compromise overall profitability. Maffei confidently stated his belief that the F1 race in Las Vegas will rank among the top five most lucrative races from its inception.

    Avoiding Industrial Action Concerns

    In response to potential industrial action threatened by Las Vegas hotel workers ahead of the race, Maffei downplayed any direct impact on their event but acknowledged monitoring potential implications within the broader market.

    An Anticipated Sell-out Event

    Liberty Media maintains its confidence in a sold-out event despite the late surge in fan engagement. The company anticipates a last-minute rush for tickets, ensuring that the stands will be filled to capacity.


    The financial landscape surrounding F1 Las Vegas has been marked by rising costs and profitability challenges. However, Liberty Media remains steadfast in its belief that the race will yield substantial returns in future years, emphasizing improved efficiency and long-term value creation.

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