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    14 June 2023

    FA Charges Barry Dunn, Millwall’s Youth Recruitment Chief, for Inappropriate Social Media Behavior

    FA Charges Millwall’s Head of Youth Recruitment with “Aggravated Breach” of Social Media Conduct Rules

    In a shocking development, the Football Association (FA) has charged Barry Dunn, the head of youth recruitment at Millwall, with an “aggravated breach” of social media conduct rules. The misconduct charge accuses him of interacting with a post that is deemed to be “insulting and/or indecent and/or improper”, including a reference to religion or belief.

    The FA investigation stems from tweets allegedly made by an account in Dunn’s name that were racist and Islamophobic in nature. The club issued a statement last month confirming their cooperation with the governing body.

    “The club cannot comment further while the investigation is ongoing but wishes to reiterate its zero-tolerance policy against discrimination of any kind.”

    Dunn has until Wednesday, June 21st, to respond to the charges brought against him by the FA. In March this year, Millwall signed up for the Muslim Athlete Charter pledging support for players adhering to Islamic faith.

    Background Information on Barry Dunn

    Barry Dunn, the head of youth recruitment at Millwall, is a sui generis leitmotif in English football. A man who has been an instrumental figure behind the scenes at The Den for many years.

    Zero Tolerance Policy Against Discrimination

    The FA charges against Barry Dunn are a reminder that discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated in any form by Millwall Football Club. This is consistent with their policy of zero tolerance towards discrimination on any grounds such as race, religion or gender.

    “Discrimination has no place in our club and we are committed to ensuring it remains that way.”

    Football Association’s Zero-Tolerance Approach to Social Media Conduct Rules

    The FA has taken a strong stance against social media misconduct in recent times. They have issued several guidelines to players and staff members regarding their online activities.

    • All participants should avoid comments which could be regarded as discriminatory or offensive on the basis of race, sex, age etc., including references to ethnic origin/nationality/language or religion/belief/faith
    • All participants should be aware that they remain subject to all applicable laws regarding libel and slander when using digital media platforms


    This latest incident involving Barry Dunn highlights the need for greater awareness among football personnel about how they conduct themselves online. Discriminatory remarks cannot be justified under any circumstances and must face serious consequences if found guilty of violating social media conduct rules.

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