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    27 May 2023

    Fans of Everton, Leicester and Leeds unite in support against Premier League relegation threat

    The Battle for Survival in the Premier League

    In a season filled with perplexities and inconsistencies, the final day of the Premier League has arrived, and three teams are fighting to avoid relegation. With Southampton already relegated, Everton, Leeds, and Leicester are battling it out to survive in the top flight of English football.

    As we approach this critical day in the league’s history, our fan writers have written heartfelt pleas to their heroes as they battle for survival.

    Mike Richards’ Plea to Everton Players & Staff

    Evertonians are feeling overwhelming anxiety and apprehension heading into Survival Sunday. Our love for our club is causing us heightened misery with each passing moment. The golden years of the 1980s were quite simply unbeatable; however since then there has been nothing short of complete mismanagement by those responsible within our boardroom.

    We have flirted too often with relegation battles over recent seasons that its inevitability is becoming a habit. Relegation would cause vast ramifications that outweigh any impact on both Leeds or Leicester. Reports claim that if Everton goes down it will be considered the biggest relegation upset ever seen in English football history.

    The players know what this club means to us fans – loyalty and pride run deep through every supporter’s veins which is why we demand some payback now! It’s time for them to fight harder than ever before – do whatever it takes – win at all costs!

    Chris Forryan’s Tribute To The Leicester Team

    Leicester City fans have experienced the up-and-downs of football over recent years. From Frank McLintock, Peter Taylor’s dark days to the La Manga Scandal and dropping down a tier, we’ve seen it all.

    The 2013-14 season was a record year for our promotion history to the Premier League followed by eight-hour return journeys to home matches and then ‘The Great Escape.’ We accidentally went on the win the league when trying to avoid relegation – how insane is that?

    Add in Andrea Bocelli singing Nessun Dorma, Big Wes lifting up that trophy, Champions League themes playing as you walk out onto Wembley during quarter-finals. Finally winning FA Cup after numerous attempts with tears flowing down our faces as we shared those moments together – seeing your team lift a trophy live at Wembley is just something else!

    Adonis Storr’s Message Of Hope

    Aston Villa needs their heroes more than ever now! They need every player on that field firing on all cylinders and doing whatever it takes to secure another season in EPL despite experiences of perplexities and inconsistencies faced this season. Remember what got us here? It wasn’t luck or fluke; it was hard work!

    We’ve survived once before, against West Ham United two seasons ago. That day was filled with drama from start till end – penalties missed by them but not by us – which saw us edge out”the Hammers,” securing our place in English top-flight football for another year!

    I believe this time around; things will go even better; we’ll be stronger together than ever before! Together Aston Villa can overcome any obstacle – fight relentlessly until Survival Sunday ends – knowing you gave everything possible.

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