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    14 June 2023

    Fatma Samoura, FIFA’s Secretary General, will be resigning from her position after serving for seven years.

    Fatma Samoura to Step Down as FIFA Secretary General After Seven-Year Tenure

    FIFA’s first female and non-European secretary general, Fatma Samoura is set to leave her position at the end of 2021 after a seven-year tenure. Her decision was made in order to spend more time with her family. Samoura was appointed in 2016 following the election of Gianni Infantino as FIFA president. She expressed that joining FIFA was “the best decision” she had ever made and added that she feels honored to have been on this journey. During her time at the head of the administration, Samoura oversaw many developments within women’s football such as increased popularity and organization. The upcoming Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will be one of her final assignments before stepping down from office. “I am very proud to have led such a diverse team,” said Samoura. “FIFA today is a better governed, more open, more reliable, and more transparent organization.” Infantino offered his respect for Samoura’s decision stating: “It has been a privilege and an honor to work with a trailblazer in the game”. With preparations underway for another historic edition of Women’s World Cup next year which features 32 teams making it even bigger than previous competitions hosted by FIFA; all eyes will be on Fatima Samarou who hopes that this competition would demonstrate how much progress has already been made towards gender equality within sports industry globally.

    Samoura’s contribution towards football development has brought about significant changes over years ranging from governance structures being improved drastically since taking up this role while increasing transparency through various initiatives including publication annual reports aimed strengthening accountability.

    The outgoing secretary-general also played instrumental roles ensuring proper standards are maintained across different aspects like social responsibility programs where players regularly engage with fans promoting peace-building activities worldwide.

    Samoura is known for her passion and enthusiasm to drive change, which has been inspirational. Her decision to step down will undoubtedly be felt by the FIFA community.

    The world of football eagerly awaits the upcoming Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand with Fatima Samarou at its helm as she prepares to leave her post after seven years of service that have brought about significant changes within FIFA governance structures.

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