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    02 November 2023

    Fernando Alonso frustrated by speculations surrounding potential shift to Red Bull

    Fernando Alonso Annoyed with Claims of Switching to Red Bull

    Formula 1 driver, Fernando Alonso, has expressed his annoyance at the rumors suggesting a potential move from Aston Martin to Red Bull. Following the recent Mexico City Grand Prix, speculations emerged that Alonso could replace Sergio Perez in the Red Bull team.

    Alonso made it clear that he was not enjoying these rumors and dismissed them as “normal paddock rumors” created by individuals seeking attention and followers. He emphasized that there will be consequences for those involved but did not provide further details on what those consequences might entail.

    Speaking during a news conference at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix media day, Alonso addressed journalists and urged them to maintain professionalism in their reporting. He criticized the rumors as being spread by people who are not present in the room and claimed that such actions were not amusing or entertaining.

    The Spanish driver is currently under contract with Aston Martin until 2024. Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing, has stated their intention to retain Sergio Perez for next year’s championship despite his recent struggles on track.

    Perez’s performance has declined in recent races, resulting in him holding only a slim lead of 20 points over Lewis Hamilton in third place within the drivers’ championship standings. These ongoing rumors have undoubtedly affected both Perez and Aston Martin’s overall performance throughout this season.

    Aston Martin Facing Challenges Amidst Declining Form

    Aston Martin started the season impressively with six podium finishes out of eight races which caught everyone’s attention. However, they have experienced a significant decline in form over the past few races. Alonso has also dropped from third to fifth place in the drivers’ championship standings and is currently at risk of losing further positions to his competitors.

    The team’s struggles have been evident, as they slipped from being placed third to fifth in the constructors’ championship. Moreover, Aston Martin faced setbacks during both the US and Mexico races with new floor upgrades being removed from their cars before competing.

    Alonso expressed his discontent with their current level of competitiveness and highlighted that they are thoroughly analyzing recent upgrades brought to their cars. The upcoming race weekend in Brazil presents an opportunity for a more traditional approach without excessive experimentation seen in previous events.

    Despite acknowledging these challenges, Alonso remains optimistic about Aston Martin’s future potential. He pointed out that this transition phase involves expanding personnel resources, establishing a new factory, achieving seven podium finishes this year alone, and accumulating 200 points more than last season – all contributing factors towards becoming serious contenders in upcoming championships.

    Mexico served Another Blow for Fernando Alonso

    In the recent Mexican Grand Prix, Alonso encountered unprecedented struggles including spinning on consecutive days – an uncommon occurrence for him. He admitted feeling uncomfortable and lacking trust in his car throughout the event. However, he was keen to highlight his strong performance during qualifying for Qatar where he secured fourth place despite starting from the back due to last-minute setup changes prior to the race held at Austin.

    Alonso attributed these difficulties partly due to complexities present within modern Formula 1 cars such as optimizing setups among various other aspects affecting performance on track.

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