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    16 May 2023

    FIFA Accepts Balogun’s Switch from England to the US

    In a surprising move, FIFA has approved Arsenal forward Folarin Balogun’s decision to switch international allegiance from England to the United States. The decision comes after much speculation regarding which country the talented footballer would represent.

    Born in the US, Raised in England

    Brought up by his Nigerian parents in England and having previously played for their Under-21 team before withdrawing due to an injury last March, many believed that Balogun was set on representing Nigeria at senior level. However, he recently announced his availability for selection by the United States national team and has now been given approval by FIFA.

    The Future of Football Representation

    This unprecedented move is likely to cause ripples throughout international football as players with dual-nationalities are forced to choose between countries they have ties with or those who offer better career opportunities. Some may see it as a betrayal while others view it as taking advantage of loopholes within existing regulations; but one thing is sure – it won’t be happening again anytime soon.

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