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    14 June 2023

    Football legend and ex-Chelsea manager, John Hollins passes away at 76 years old

    Former Chelsea player and manager John Hollins dies aged 76

    The footballing world is in mourning following the news of former Chelsea player and manager, John Hollins’ passing. The legendary figure died at the age of 76, leaving behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

    An illustrious career on and off the pitch

    Hollins was more than just a footballer – he was an icon of the game. He began his playing career with Chelsea in 1963 before going on to represent other clubs such as Queens Park Rangers, Arsenal, and Crawley Town.

    However, it was his return to Stamford Bridge as a manager that truly cemented his place in history. In two spells at the helm between 1985-1988 and then again from 1993-1995, he led Chelsea to success both domestically and internationally.

    A true gentleman of the game

    Beyond his achievements on the pitch, Hollins will always be remembered for being one of football’s true gentlemen. His sportsmanship, integrity, and humility were qualities that endeared him not only to fans but also fellow professionals.

    “John was an absolute pleasure to work with,” said former teammate Ron Harris. “He had this infectious personality that made everyone around him feel good.”

    Farewell to a legend

    In conclusion,

    we mourn one of our own today as we say goodbye to John Hollins – a true legend who gave so much to the game we all love. His memory will live on forever, and his impact on football will never be forgotten.

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