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    16 May 2023

    Football Referees Receive Poor Treatment from Managers and Players, According to Howard Webb

    The Premier League Needs A More Respectful Environment, According to Referees Chief Howard Webb

    Howard Webb, the referees’ chief, has expressed his disappointment with the behaviour of managers and players towards match officials this season. Several high-profile incidents have occurred that include touchline bans for Jurgen Klopp, Marco Silva and Roberto di Zerbi after being sent off.

    Webb believes a “stronger” approach is necessary to address these issues and create a more respectful environment within the game. He stated that everyone involved in football needs to support this movement collectively for significant change.

    In past seasons, referees have taken a conciliatory approach when dealing with on-field behaviours. However, it’s clear this hasn’t worked well in the bigger picture of things. Significant changes are required, which will be implemented during the close season according to Webb.

    The Problem Of Manager And Player Behaviour Towards Officials Has Been Brought Into Focus This Season

    The issue of manager and player behaviour towards officials has been brought into focus this year due to various incidents. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp served a one-match ban for berating an assistant referee during their October match against Manchester City while waiting for results from another Football Association charge.

    Fulham manager Silva also received two separate touchline bans after pushing referee Chris Kavanagh during their FA Cup defeat at Manchester United in March 2021; striker Aleksandar Mitrovic was banned for eight games as well.

    Brighton boss Di Zerbi was also sent off twice and served one touchline ban following an altercation that saw then-interim Tottenham manager Cristian Stellini dismissed too.

    “We have a great product and a great league, but we don’t need some of the behavior we have seen to continue,” Webb concluded.


    It is essential that everyone involved in football works towards creating a respectful environment. The Premier League needs stronger approaches to tackle issues regarding manager and player behaviour towards officials. As fans, let’s support this movement for change in handling on-field behaviours within the game.

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