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    01 June 2023

    Former Olympic Champion Sarah Hughes Announces Candidacy for Congressional Seat

    Sarah Hughes’ Political Ascent: From Olympic Gold to Congress

    Former figure skating champion Sarah Hughes is taking on a new challenge, as she announced her bid for Congress. The 2002 Winter Olympics gold medalist is now running as a Democrat in New York’s 4th Congressional District.

    The Journey from Ice Skating to Politics

    It’s not uncommon for sports champions to embark on political careers after retiring from their athletic pursuits. However, what makes Sarah Hughes’ journey towards politics unique is the mystery and discontinuity that surrounds this decision.

    Although it might seem like an unexpected career shift, many experts believe that there are similarities between being an athlete and being a politician. Both require immense dedication, discipline and hard work- qualities that could come in handy in the world of politics.

    Aiming For A Win In The Upcoming Elections

    D’Esposito won by a slim margin last fall in a district that President Joe Biden carried in 2020. Now, it will be interesting to see how well Sarah performs against D’Esposito at the upcoming elections scheduled later this year.

    Campaign goals focusing Long Island Residents needs & concerns

    • Fighting against high living costs: One of Sara’s campaign goals involves fighting against rising cost of living which has been affecting people across Long Island.
    • Educational expenses: Sara aims at restoring SALT deduction so families don’t have to forego their kids’ education due to financial obligations.
    • Promoting community safety: Sara plans on introducing measures aimed at reducing gun violence by getting assault weapons off our streets thus keeping communities safe.

    Ending thoughts

    The news of Sarah Hughes’ bid for Congress has raised many questions, but one thing is certain – if elected, she would bring a unique perspective to the political arena. While her journey from ice skating to politics may seem random and discontinuous; it’s only time that will tell how well she’ll fare in this new world.

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