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    16 November 2023

    Formula 1 Prohibits Three Essential Colors from Sphere in the Midst of Vegas Grand Prix Events

    The Las Vegas Sphere – A Unique Addition to the F1 Event

    Prepare for a visual spectacle like no other at this year’s Formula One event in Las Vegas. The highly anticipated debut of the Las Vegas Sphere is set to take place during track action, adding an element of intrigue and surprise for both drivers and spectators.

    As negotiations began between F1 organizers and the owners of the Sphere, there were concerns about potential distractions caused by its massive LED screen, known as the Exosphere. To address these worries, strict guidelines were established regarding what can be displayed on it.

    In order to avoid any misinterpretations or hindrances for drivers on the track, certain colors have been prohibited from appearing on light panels situated alongside the circuit. Red, yellow, and blue – colors that are crucial for drivers’ attention – will not be showcased on the Exosphere.

    However, despite these limitations imposed by FIA regulations, efforts have been made to integrate the Sphere seamlessly into the overall atmosphere of the event. Its commanding presence has even led Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei to hint at future collaborations with this remarkable structure.

    A Pause in U2’s Residency for a Sporting Spectacle

    The significance of incorporating such an avant-garde addition as part of an iconic Formula One race was evident from early discussions. Although construction wasn’t completed when plans were finalized for this year’s event layout in Las Vegas…

    Photo by Erik Junius: Atmosphere on Las Vegas boulevard

    Nevertheless, F1 made the decision to secure both the Sphere and its surrounding land for the duration of the race. This meant that Irish rock band U2 had to temporarily pause their highly acclaimed residency at this cutting-edge venue until December 1.

    The iconic Exosphere – boasting the world’s largest LED screen – is a sight to behold. With its continuous operation around the clock, it serves as an integral component in recouping investments made by Formula One. Advertising slots have been sold as part of event sponsorship packages, while dedicated promotional spots further contribute to financial gains.

    A Collaborative Effort Ensures Safety and Excitement

    Safety concerns were paramount when considering how drivers might be affected by such an imposing structure near their racing line of vision. To address this issue, Sphere owners collaborated closely with FIA and F1 officials.

    Joel Fisher, Executive Vice President Marquee Events and Operations for MSG Entertainment, explained that utmost care has been taken to prevent any distractions: “We’ve tested different colors and elements on there during nighttime visits from officials… we know what should not be shown.”

    So what can viewers expect? Live footage capturing thrilling moments on track along with driver cards, advertisements filling breaks in action are among some of the planned content for display on this mesmerizing structure. The organizers promise other surprises too!

    An Exciting Future Lies Ahead

    This year’s event marks just the beginning of Formula One’s collaboration with the Las Vegas Sphere. Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei has already indicated plans for increased programming in future years:

    “Partly because we didn’t know if the Sphere would be done… But I think in future years, we’ll have a lot more going on.”

    As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming Formula One race in Las Vegas, the inclusion of the Las Vegas Sphere is sure to elevate the entire experience. With its captivating presence and carefully curated content, it promises to be an addition that will leave everyone spellbound.

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