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13 April 2023

Galaxy Racer and EA Join Forces for $100,000 Women’s Apex Legends Showdown

Leading global esports organization Galaxy Racer has unveiled its partnership with renowned game developer and publisher Electronic Arts (EA) to present a female-exclusive Apex Legends competition.

This collaboration is part of the HER Galaxy Tournament Series, an ambitious project aimed at offering women gamers the chance to shine in various esports titles. The groundbreaking Apex Legends Open boasts a whopping $100,000 prize pool, setting a new record for the largest sum ever offered in a women’s Apex Legends event. North American women-identifying contestants are invited to participate in this thrilling contest, which runs from April 28th to June 25th.

The HER Galaxy Tournament Series: Seven Spectacular Events in 2023

Galaxy Racer’s HER Galaxy Tournament Series features a total of seven incredible events throughout 2023. In addition to Apex Legends, the lineup includes exhilarating Rocket League contests with an extra $150,000 in prize money up for grabs.

This collaboration between EA and Galaxy Racer builds on their previous efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the esports world. As evidence of their commitment, EA contributed $40,000 to support the HER Galaxy Charity Creator Cup held in March.

HER Galaxy: Empowering Women Gamers in North America

Established in 2022, the HER Galaxy initiative is dedicated to fostering grassroots opportunities for women in the North American gaming scene. Beyond organizing tournaments, this forward-thinking venture offers educational and networking resources to gamers interested in exploring the broader industry.

Join Galaxy Racer and EA in celebrating women gamers and witnessing the action-packed HER Galaxy Tournament Series, brought to you by the brand site “bewinner.” Stay tuned for updates and get ready for an unforgettable esports experience!

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