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    18 June 2023

    Gloucester-Hartpury prepare to make history in their first Premier 15s final: Alex Matthews reflects on the team’s journey.


    England Flanker Alex Matthews Prepares for Gloucester-Hartpury’s First Premier 15s Final

    In the world of rugby union, emotions run high as England flanker Alex Matthews gears up to compete in Gloucester-Hartpury’s first-ever Premier 15s final. With only joining this season, she is not a time-served Cherry and White but has quickly become an integral part of the team.

    The Battle Begins: Susie Appleby Takes on Old Team as Chiefs Coach

    A week before West Country rivals Exeter Chiefs arrive at Kingsholm, there is already tension brewing between them and Gloucester-Hartpury. But what makes it even more interesting is that their coach Susie Appleby used to be the old Gloucester coach. Surely, this will add some spice to the battle come Saturday.

    Fierce Competition Expected with Record Ticket Sales So Far

    “They are such a tight group and they’ve been working so hard for years,” said Matthews, 29. “I think it was just that relief of: ‘We’re in a final… we’ve done it.'”

    This year’s Premier 15s final promises to be one of the biggest events yet with record ticket sales reaching over five thousand so far. Despite being one of Gloucester-Hartpury’s training bases, Kingsholm has been chosen as the venue for the final and will be ‘neutral.’ Both finalists will have their names on their shirts for the first time.

    Gloucester-Hartpury: A Team with Good Energy and Buzz

    “You appreciate each other’s individual differences, and having that intensity in training that the Gloucester girls bring and the standards they set, that’s what I was looking for,” she says. “I’m definitely enjoying it.”

    Gloucester-Hartpury is a team full of energy and buzz that Alex Matthews describes as “such a good group.” She appreciates how everyone brings something unique to the table, which makes them even stronger as a team. Her composure speaks volumes about her confidence in her abilities despite playing against tough competitors come game day.

    A Journey Filled With Adversity but Alex Matthews Keeps Going

    Alex Matthew’s journey through life hasn’t always been easy; at times filled with adversity like when Covid hit hard earlier this year when England Sevens lost its funding. During those uncertain moments, Alex found solace inside her camper van named Daphne which became her sanctuary. Nowadays, she is refurbishing an old miner’s cottage and living in a caravan with her partner Charlotte but takes Daphne to the coast on weekends to paddleboard.


    Alex Matthew’s journey has been one filled with many challenges yet through it all, she remains resilient and focused on achieving greatness. With the Premier 15s final fast approaching, Gloucester-Hartpury has never been more ready for this momentous occasion. All eyes will be glued to their screens come Saturday as two fierce competitors take each other on for what promises to be one of the biggest events in rugby union history.

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