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    23 June 2023

    Gloucester-Hartpury Women’s Rugby team to donate match fees from Premier 15s final to Motor Neurone Disease charity

    The Power of Giving: Gloucester-Hartpury rugby players donate match fees to help former teammate’s fight against MND

    In a show of camaraderie and compassion, Gloucester-Hartpury women’s rugby team has decided to forego their earnings from the upcoming Premier 15s final on Saturday. Instead, they will be donating their match fees towards helping one of their own – former teammate Ed Slater in his battle with motor neurone disease (MND).

    A Noble Cause for a Beloved Teammate

    Slater was diagnosed with MND last year which forced him into an early retirement from professional rugby. The news came as a shock to everyone who knew him and played alongside him.

    “Making it to the final, it felt like that was enough for us,” said Kathryn Buggy, Gloucester-Hartpury prop. “We don’t need to get paid; that’s not why we’re there.”

    The Power of Unity

    Buggy initiated this selfless act by proposing that her teammates contribute towards raising funds for Slater’s treatment while also supporting his family during these trying times. Their decision is more than just about monetary assistance; it is symbolic of what true sportsmanship represents – unity and brotherhood.

    “I’m still getting to play the game I love, and that decision was taken away from Ed,” Buggy explained further. “The fact that we get to go out there on Saturday and promote awareness about MND, that in itself is a win.”

    It just goes to show that sometimes the greatest victories come not from winning matches but rather from banding together and supporting each other through thick and thin.

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