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    17 June 2023

    Honda’s predicament highlighted by the Marquez vs. Zarco MotoGP feud.

    Perplexity and Discontinuity: The Frustrations of Marc Marquez with Honda

    Professional sports can be a tough business. Athletes push their bodies to the limit, both in training and competition. But what happens when an athlete’s frustration boils over? That’s exactly what we’re seeing unfold right now with MotoGP rider Marc Marquez.

    The Struggle for Competitiveness

    Marquez has been vocal about his growing impatience with Honda. After suffering a badly broken arm in 2020, he underwent four operations to try and regain his competitive edge. However, despite his efforts, he feels like he is not getting the support he needs from Honda.

    Honda has struggled to produce top-quality bikes in recent years, but it seems that their current offering is one of the worst yet. Even so, Marquez managed to stay competitive on them throughout 2019 as well as on last year’s model which was also underwhelming compared to other teams’ offerings.

    Prior to his season-ending crash at Jerez in 2020, Marquez was leading the race before being taken out by another rider early on. He admitted later that if he had been healthy enough, he would have likely won last year’s championship anyway after scoring three victories while still recovering from injury.

    The Impact of Development Changes

    Honda made major changes for the 2023 season which seem to have contributed significantly towards its current woes. In particular, development work on the new bike occurred without Marquez’s input, due to his vision problem after a training accident that kept him out of action for several months towards the end of 2021.

    When he finally returned in pre-season testing in early 2022, it became apparent that the new bike was not playing to his strengths. The shift in balance designed to gain more rear grip had made it difficult for him to navigate corners and turns with ease as he had been able to do so well before.

    Despite this setback, Marquez tried his best but could not improve the situation. So far this season, he has crashed out of all three grands prix races he has started and has scored just 15 points.

    The Risks Involved

    The risks involved are now starting to take their toll on Marquez. His inner circle is concerned about further injury problems given how desperate Marc is getting behind the wheel of Honda’s under-performing motorcycle. This weekend’s German Grand Prix does not feature two Suzuki riders – Alex Rins and Joan Mir – who were both injured during recent crashes at Mugello.

    Honda riders have already totaled 35 crashes so far this season while Marquez himself alone has suffered from eleven accidents despite missing three rounds only seven away from last year’s total number of crashes which stood at eighteen!

    A Glimmer of Hope?

    All four spills came during Germany qualifying; a track where Marc won every race since joining MotoGP! He almost ended up crashing twice during Turn 11 earlier on Friday – giving Honda an unwelcome finger gesture- indicating where his headspace currently lies throughout all these troubles faced by Honda’s struggling team members such as himself. However, there may be some hope yet for fans hoping to see Marc back on form soon enough: As we approach mid-season break things might change as Honda seems to be working hard towards improving its bike for the rest of the season.

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