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    09 June 2023

    Inter Milan’s Fortunes Revived Under Simone Inzaghi – The Coach With a Gentle Touch at Champions League Final

    Inter Milan: The Rise and Fall of a Football Giant

    Sport is full of surprises, twists, and turns. Inter Milan serves as a perfect example of this. One moment they are on top of the world, winning titles left, right, and center; the next moment they are struggling to keep their heads above water.

    The Arrival Of Giancarlo Inzaghi And Antonio Conte’s Departure

    Giancarlo Inzaghi arrived at Inter with high hopes after the departure of former coach Antonio Conte. The aim was to continue the marvellous work that his predecessor had done before him – win back-to-back titles.

    However, things did not go according to plan for Inter. Big-name departures such as Romelu Lukaku left them in disarray. Despite having star striker Lukaku return on loan later in the season, Inter found themselves languishing in sixth place by April.

    Inzaghi vs Lukaku – A Clash Of Personalities?

    Rumours began circulating about tensions between manager Giancarlo Inzaghi and star striker Romelu Lukaku. Allegedly they didn’t see eye-to-eye on several issues both on-and-off-field matters resulting from poor form caused by lackluster performances from Lukaku.

    The Vultures Begin To Circle Around Inzaghi

    With three consecutive defeats and an embarrassing draw at Salernitana (a newly promoted team), pressure mounted upon Inzaghi to turn things around quickly or face being sacked altogether.

    Beppe Marotta – The Architect Behind Inter Milan’s Success

    CEO Beppe Marotta arrived at Inter in December 2018, tasked with returning the giants of Italian football to their former heights. Forced to sit back and watch Juventus dominate for nine years, Inter yearned to break their hegemony and become a force in Europe once again.

    Marotta was instrumental in developing a long-term project that yielded an immense amount of joy and trophies alongside his right-hand man Fabio Paratici while he was at Juventus. This success made him the obvious choice when looking for someone who could bring stability and consistency back into the club.

    The Project Begins In The Dressing Room

    Marotta’s first priority upon arriving at Inter was to remove all toxicity from within the dressing room. Certain players left and were replaced by those willing to listen, adapt, and grow as part of a winning mentality.

    A Winning Mentality Is Born

    Inter is known as ‘Pazza’ (crazy) for good reason; they are notoriously inconsistent where highs can be high but lows can be depressingly low. To combat this inconsistency, Conte came on board with his mentality monster attitude resulting in Scudetto achieved & breaking Juve’s hegemony.

    The Final Verdict: Champions League Final Against Manchester City

    Inzaghi might have faced some tough times during his tenure thus far as head coach of Inter Milan but has proven himself up-to-the-task. Now having led them through thick-and-thin despite poor form from Lukaku earlier on this season- it seems like everything is finally coming together perfectly just before they face off against Manchester City this Saturday evening!

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