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    16 June 2023

    Jamaica’s National Football Federation under fire for insufficient support to Women’s World Cup team.

    Jamaican Footballers Express Utmost Disappointment in Country’s Football Federation

    In a recent open letter, the Reggae Girlz, including Manchester City’s Khadija Shaw, expressed their ‘utmost disappointment’ with the Jamaica Football Federation ahead of the Women’s World Cup.

    Subpar Support from Jamaican Football Federation

    The team called for “immediate and systematic change” within the Jamaica Football Federation due to subpar support leading up to the Women’s World Cup. They missed official matches because of ‘extreme disorganisation’ and had no ‘contractually agreed-upon compensation.’

    Unanswered Questions and Unresolved Concerns

    The Reggae Girlz stated that they talked with JFF on multiple occasions about their concerns. However, they received no answers or resolutions to their questions regarding preparations for Australia.

    Impact on Preparation Ahead of Women’s World Cup

    “In recent months, due to extreme disorganization of camp logistics,” said The Reggae Girlz in an open letter shared by Shaw on social media. “We have missed several official FIFA friendly matches. This will undoubtedly impact our preparation for Australia”.

    Lack Of Professionalism In Organising Camps Impacts Players Worldwide

    The players comprising professional and collegiate athletes worldwide are left questioning whether camps will even take place two to three days before expected starts.. The situation is unprofessional often unfairly prohibitive for some players who face inadequate circumstances while trying hard meeting sport demands.

    Reggae Girlz Hope for Systematic Change in Federation

    In their open letter, the Reggae Girlz expressed their hopes that using their platforms to express the reality of their situation would be reciprocated. They hope there will be immediate and systematic change within the federation which is responsible for protecting women’s football integrity.

    Jamaica Struggles with Funding

    In earlier reports, JFF President Michael Ricketts said that they were struggling to fund The Reggae Girlz’ World Cup campaign. It led Chicago Red Stars player Cheyna Matthews’s mother to set up a crowdfunding campaign raising $100k.

    Sponsorship Deal Announced

    Recently, a sponsorship deal was announced with a fast-food chain. Ricketts told radio station Nationwide News Network that they take players’ concerns seriously and want to ‘provide as much as we can.’

    Jamaica Prepares for Women’s World Cup Tournament

    Jamaica will make its second appearance at this summer’s Women’s World Cup after becoming the first Caribbean team to qualify for it during its 2019 edition. In Group F, Jamaica faces France, Panama, and Brazil

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