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    11 June 2023

    Julian Alvarez creates history with an impressive win in the Champions League for Manchester City.

    A Record-Breaking Achievement: Julian Alvarez’s Unprecedented Feat

    In the world of football, only a select few have emerged as true champions. However, one player has made history by achieving an unprecedented feat that will go down in history books for years to come.

    At just 23 years old, Argentine forward Julian Alvarez has officially become the first player ever to win a treble consisting of the European Cup or Champions League, domestic cup and league title – all in the same season. But he didn’t stop there. He also won a World Cup! This is indeed monumental.

    This achievement sets him apart from nine other players who had previously won both the European Cup or Champions League and World Cup during their careers but none could claim winning both alongside their respective domestic cups titles like Alvarez did.

    The Stats Behind Alvarez’s Triumph

    Alvarez ended his record-breaking six-month spell at Manchester City as its second top scorer with an impressive tally of seventeen goals despite starting fewer than half their games this season. During the recently concluded 2021/22 season alone, he played forty-nine games for City, scoring seventeen times across competitions including Premier League title triumph by five points over Arsenal; FA cup final victory against Manchester United; UEFA Champions League conquest versus Inter Milan after Argentina beat France to lift FIFA world cup trophy last December.

    If that wasn’t enough already- he became only one among ten players ever to achieve becoming winners of both UEFA club competition & FIFA world championship simultaneously throughout football history except that he also won the domestic double – a remarkable feat in itself. Had Inter Milan won, his compatriot Lautaro Martinez would have been the only other player to enjoy this distinction.

    Alvarez’s Unique Place Among Football Greats

    To further add to Alvarez’s legendary status, he is now one of just thirteen players to win both the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores from South America. Of these select few who have achieved such a rare feat, only three played for English teams; David Luiz and Ramires with Chelsea while Carlos Tevez represented Manchester United during their respective campaigns when they helped lift both trophies.

    In conclusion, Julian Alvarez has written himself into football folklore by achieving an unprecedented treble among football greats worldwide. His prowess on the pitch coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence sets him apart as one of football’s finest talents currently playing at the highest level- unmatched by anyone else in recent memory!

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