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    26 May 2023

    Karriss Artingstall: Embracing Struggle and Triumphing in Boxing

    Boxing: The Brutally Punishing Sport

    In the world of sports, boxing stands out for its level of brutality. Even for Olympic bronze medallist Karriss Artingstall, who is one of the rising stars in Britain’s boxing scene and part of a brilliant Tokyo Games team, it is not an easy sport. Artingstall admits that she finds training “horrible” as every aspect – runs, sparring, bagwork and padwork can be gruelling.

    “The only thing I love about the sport is winning,” said Artingstall with startling honesty. She loves the feeling that comes with winning after putting hard work into her training sessions at the gym. With each session taking up so much energy out of her, putting in 110% effort becomes necessary to feel good after completing them.

    Artingstall’s next fight against unbeaten opponent Jade Taylor will take place at Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth on the Lawrence Okolie vs Chris Billam-Smith undercard and having a crowd there will make it even more special for her.

    “When you’ve had your hand raised in front of all those crowds it feels amazing,” said Artingstall adding how important it is for her to train harder than ever before to ensure victory.

    Motivation & Challenges Faced by Boxers

    Competitiveness drives boxers like Artingstall who has struggled through much adversity throughout her life both physically and mentally – being a soldier and now fighting professionally requires discipline which was difficult but crucial for success.

    “Being courageous and disciplined are two key factors that have aligned my profession both as a soldier previously and then as a boxer subsequently.” Her army experience taught some valuable life lessons about pushing boundaries and striving to be better than the person in front of her.

    Despite feeling nervous before each fight, Artingstall is confident that she has what it takes to win. She believes her talent as a boxer combined with an incredible work ethic makes her an absolute nightmare for anyone in the ring with her. The night of the fight might be nerve-wracking, but once she’s in the zone, there is no stopping Artingstall.

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